🕵 Hannah – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

2 hannahs and 1 elizabeth


Great video, but the Hannah’s weren’t the deciding factor in that battle. They were great support, absolutely, but Elizabeth and Garnett carried that win. Remove them and try a similar team.

Odd assessment of the match

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Why did nittanylionroars give her a C+ grade or whatever he gave her? Simple, hes a youtuber, you must do and say things to get people’s attention, generate comments, generate controversy, get more people talking about you, and get more people to watch the videos. Its how the world works.

considering they aren’t even fully levelled, they did pretty well. The damage reduction from the skulls should be the focus of the video

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I will wait to get them at least 3/70 and try them out again

Watch it again and tell me it isn’t true.

Watched it again. It isn’t true


The damage they did was inconsequential. You’re fooling yourself thinking the two Hannah’s were the difference. If they were maxed, maybe, but in this video, they didn’t do much.

They helped with survivability…basically lowered the enemy’s attack by 20% for the entire match. Would this match have been won with two other purple plugged in. Yes, most definitely, but that wasn’t his point. He was showing the damage reduction skill and it was pretty effective IMO.

Hey guys, which emblem path do you choose for Hannah? attack or health?

Which emblem path did u select?

Sword path.
Stats are now:
Sword 878
Shield 859
Health 1511


Yea me too. Attack and defense

While, at times, I too find LR’s theoretical rating certificates ridiculous = devoid of practical logic, with Hannah he is fairly accurate in the description of her use in play as I don’t use he daily, all the time. Onyx / Panther combo are first to be picked for a raid…

However, when I have used Hannah, I have found her damn useful for the win & that first charge is super fast… to set direct & DoT rolling !

I rate her a B, only bcoz I don’t use her more often… which is due to my roster strength & not bcoz of Hannah…

That onyx/Panther combo is deadly and they are an awesome power couple to bring to any situation. I am curious though as you grade her a B which isnt great if you would level her or Moreau. I am in the same boat as you in terms of roster depth. I also have Elizabeth and was wondering if the two of them together would work well

I haven’t started work on Dr. M, as not a big priority till I get Ursena the long awaited tabards…. Which have been taken away by many & Hannah being the latest…

I don’t have Elizabeth directly but thru LoLo, enjoyed giving her fiends many times to win. I have seen a video of Hannah & Elizabeth working well.

I have rated Hannah a B, bcoz, I haven’t felt the need to use her a lot, but she is a good hero, delivered when I have taken her….
if I use here more than I may change my rating…

Though feel, Elizabeth’s hit all & mana control works very well
Especially on defence too
While Hannah is more of an offence hero, hence a bit lower rating….

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Thanks that makes a lot of sense. Hope you get your tabards soon,

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Did anybody make the math for the last node (mana) ? Does it make sense to spend the emblems. My best mana troop is LVL 23.

Fast requires a level 29 mana troop or 23 + 2% or 17 + 4% or 11+CB+2% or 5+CB + 4% to be down to 7 tiles

So for hannah you need a level 29 or a level 17 if you go for the 4% on last node.

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