Hanitra vs. Raphaelle (emblems)

I like the dodge all of Hanitra but I don’t have an other blue healer than Raphaelle. Who do I give emblems to? Note : I own a maxed/emblemed Zuri and a non emblemed maxed Margaret

Are either on your defense? Do you use one a lot more than the other? Both are worthy so it depends on your situation.

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Do you have Kiril? What teams do you have and how would emblem changes impact your teams?

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I stripped Rafe for Hanitra, but LB-Kiril is my main blue healer anyway. If Rafe is your only blue option he’ll need those emblems, and you do have a good hero in yellow.

I use Raphaelle on offence as Zuri is my main healer

I have Costume Kirill but he is not fully emblemed yet. I use Raphaelle mainly on offence or defence tournament or occasional war. But Zuri is my main healer

I have Kirill too but I think Raphaelle is better . Raphaelle has 16 talents

Put 7 nodes to Rafaella then start with Hanitra?

Please note that these are my main healers : Zuri +20, Garnet +18, Raphaelle +16, Tarlak +8. Boldtusk *20, Kirill O, André +8

You could strip Rafaella and reput 7 nodes for him, if you need him and then start with Hanitra? My Rafaella is with 20 nodes but if I’ll get Hanitra, I won’t strip him. He’s my only 5* blue healer

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