Hanitra vs Inari

I’m finishing up my current yellow project and looking for the next project to work on. I don’t have a dodger on my roster so looking at Hanitra and Inari. I’ve faced Hanitra on defense and she hasn’t caused me problems and haven’t encountered any Inari for reference. I’d like a dodger on my roster.

I like Hanitra’s speed and healing but Inari has the damage and mana gen, but her minions are fragile.

My current yellow maxed are C.Jun, Sif, Onatel, Rana, Malosi, Leo, and C.Viv.

Other options would be Devana, Akkrog, Bai Yeoung, Norns, Ranvir, and Guin.

I know Kara is coming but I have 3 maxed taunt heroes and I have 16 darts if I wanted to max her.

Thoughts on Inari vs Hanitra?

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  • Inari
  • Hanrita

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I like hanitra because you can put a lvl 17 mana troop on her and she goes off on 7 tiles. Then she buffs herself and generates mana… Which means she can then go off in 6 tiles thereafter. Yes inari has a greater chance of dodge and generates health in the form of a minion and mana per turn from the minion… But that whole 6 tiles versus 9 tiles is a game changer for me.


Inari minion will dead from 1 slash attack, not worth it

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I choose Inari… was just in the same situation a few months back but decided to max and LB Inari and she’s been amazing! Her dodge is on point and pairs great with minion summoner. Inari’s minion can hide behind Freya/Bera/Hulda and continue to boost mana.
The buff is what pushed me to give mats after having her @3/70 for 2.5 years her damage is on point and the higher dodge chance but I have a 29 mana troop so definitely makes a big difference

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In my honest opinion, focus on Inari first 100%
You wouldn’t be disappointed
And then fingers crossed you get her costume
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I faced Hanitra and it has resulted in a lot of losses. But, rng is rng. I still voted Hanitra, because of her speed though. And minions seem to be prey for a lot of Heroes these days. I might be wrong.

I actually have Guinevere, and I absolutely love her. Maxed her all out and emblemmed and LB her. She´s my raid defense tank. But, granted, I have few Holy Heroes to choose from like that and in general. I know many say that she used to be good but no longer is. Still, I adore her.

Devana is a hero I´d love to get though, and would level right away if I did! I heard amazing things about Bai Yeoung too.

The rest I am not that familiar with sorry. Good luck - what a great collection to choose from :heart_eyes:

I think Hanitra, due is fast and give to You extra life Even ir You use melendor and sartana other héroes they can fail and give to You life. And can resist the attack and Ensure that aways can use her especial attack

Inari is average take more time to Charge and the mínios áre too weak , so the change to get mana from her mínios áre too low if You want use need to be combined with other mínios sumoned as Freya, Bera , frost

I don’t have Inari but I do Hanitra and she sucks. She is terrible. Only three turns for dodges. She inflicts no damages. She just sits there when I play pve. When I use her on a raid she doesn’t fire and if she does she doesn’t do much and doesn’t charge up quickly like others have said she does. Maybe with a more optimum team she would be a little better but I would trade her for Inari in a second.

I have both. Inara emblemed an LB - she needs that because she’s so squishy. Once LB a great hero.
I lately took the emblems off from Hanitra. For me she does not enough.

Think this should be merged with the other huge conversation on it…or at least bring that stuff from Hanitra’s convo over here.

I don’t have Hanitra raised all the way, but from the other thread it was abundantly clear that Inari was better, but you have to plan to LB her. If you are not willing to LB her, don’t bother. My Inari was too fragile until I LB’d her and now she’s great.

Inari is the better choice, you get at least some hit all damage and the dodge which is generally much better than a dodge that only gives a HP boost when specials are fired off.


My Inari is Max LB and Hanitra is max emblemed. I do not use Hanitra at all and will be stripping her soon. Inari is way ahead in her game in comparison to Hanitra in every way except speed.
Inari has an incredible tile damage. She hits all on an avg at 250 to 350 depending on the buffs.
Her dodge works almost every time and though those minions are a joke, they are useful in few instances. Especially when you have been attacked by multiple AOE defenders.
I have faced lot of Hanitra defenses and i never had to think twice to use a dispeller.
But against Inari dispellers chance of removing dodge is very low, lower than that of c Kad,
Hanitra’s selling point is her speed especially with the mana gain on buffs. But no point in firing multiple teams when the dodge rarely fires. If she would give even a small heal/ Over heal when she fires her special she will become desirable.
In my experience using her, she is just a waste of space for me as if her dodge doesnt fire, she basically does nothing.
Go for Inari.

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In my opinion- specially on defense, having minions may be an exploitable situation. I mean there area lot of “accessible” anti-minion heroes but only 1 anti-boosted hero (Aouda). Altho the minions may do some additional damage, these are usually (emphasis on usually- i do know about frosth etc who can buff minions) minimal anyway.

honestly, play around with both and go with which you like better . You do have 5 free attacks a day ( friendly battles )

For me, i like hanitra, especially paired with mica… her passive and that resist against Alfrikes health reduction is a nice bonus

I have both

And it’s Inari, 100%

Good for titans. Minions, that give direct mana. She has an AoE hit. A high attack stat, so great tile damage. And…

She’s way cuter :heart_eyes:

(+ She’ll have a costume coming out soon, which will only increase her edge if obtained)

Honestly, Hanitra doesn’t do enough. For those without Inari, I’m sure she’s fine, but I’d be curious to know if anyone here actually chooses Hanitra over Inari, while having both - or if those saying Hanitra only have her. Cuz for me, it’s a no brainer.

All Inari needs is a mana troop, and she’s, all-around, a step up to Hanitra in [essentially] every single way.


I don’t have Hanitra, only Inari… mine is +8 with mana node activated, and a level 17 mana troop :slight_smile: she’s a ley part of my Yellow stack.


well to be honest for me hanitra is better, because she can buy time until your other heros are charged.

surely inari is better from the dodge/dmg perspective, but Hanitra can load in 6/7 tiles, Inari requires much more.

i know that sometimes Hanitra feels like she does not do enough because she has no direct other secondary effect if no specials are fired. but the value for Hanitra lies with me that i can have dodge up permanently, which decreases the chance to lose significantly.

or in my case keep me alive until i can cast motega special 2.

once you have motega up and hanitra up you become basically unkillable in offense because 50% chance to miss + 45% to dodge basically means you get only get hit in 25% of the cases.


This is the way! :slight_smile:
I also like her very much in Kombination with Motega, perfect couple.