Hanitra or Papyros (who would you limit break)

Limit breaking a hero could get really difficult when you don’t have too many resources:(

My holy options at this point are Hanitra and Papyrus

Could you help me decide (in a reasonable and objective way haha) which hero would be the best choice?


I would LB Papyros because it will make his minions a little bit stronger, Hanitra would get more survivability but if she is not in your defense then Payros is better choice.


I’m indeed planning to put them both on my defense, in that case would you still recommend Papyros?

It would depend on the other heroes, if you will have at least 1 more minion summoner or healer I would choose Papyros.

If you will have 4 damage dealers then I would choose Hanitra over Papyros.

For now ofc, since you want to have both on defense.

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