Hanitra – 5* Holy / Yellow - December 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

The other day I was levelling Russell up to 3.70, and ascended him without really thinking about it, but as I watched the tome and blade join the materials I wondered if it was really the right thing to have done and whether I’d regret it before long. Now, having read this thread, it’s reminded me that yes, I really did want to level Russell who never misses, even if he doesn’t hit that hard when he does. Stupid dodgers.

Except my Hanitra, of course. She can dodge all she wants.


Take for example vs Alfrike… she single-handedly saved my ■■■


I had a similar experience in which combined with taunt she absolutely made the team Freak Proof (as far as possible)

Well i think I made a horrible mistake. Back in Dec I had the choice of Hanitra or Devana to level up.

I chose Devana to give my Yellow team a bit more punch. Anyhow i started using Hanitra anyway and now wished i’d levelled her to make her a bit more solid than she is at 4:70 because she is amazing.

I now line up with
Jackel, Uraeus, Vivica, Devana. Hanitra and I’m having a lot of fun on attack.

Dodge Dodge Dodge.


It may be a mistake, but it would be a very minor one, if so. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my Devana, and I had solid expectations for her to begin with. I haven’t started working on Hanitra yet, but it’s not like you chose a significantly inferior hero. More darts will come, eventually.


You’re probably right. Devana is doing well for me and Hanitra is doing a great job for me on 3:70. so i think i may have levelled them in the correct order. I think i just want all my heroes maxed now…

oh well only 5 darts to go…


I understand that. And I’m glad to hear Hanitra is usable at 3^70. She’d be next in line for darts for me, too, but I’d like to kick the tires on her a bit before I commit.

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You can zoom out on the Talent Grid



Yeah. I know now. Sorry about that.

I’m a lvl 90 newb at this game.


I did a quick read through and from what I’ve read, no one has touched on her passive. I did a quick test and elemental links trigger her ability. Too bad it’s just a 5% gain. Though with the right link ( 10% mana generation ) and enough buffs, she’ll fire often

I’m pouring all my resources into another hero at the moment, so I haven’t leveled her yet.

I’m thinking of this current line up for the buffs/ elemental link

Feels a bit underwhelming in fire power

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This has been discussed, It is actually 15%. One for her dodge buff, one for her element link and one for her max health reduction buff. And if u have other buffers ready to fire next to her. You can make her fire at an insane speed. But the only reason i use Inari more than her is coz inari has a better dodge rate and she hits all. even a 250 pts hit makes a lot of difference for me. I use Hanitra only in wars and when i want to experiment.


I’m levelling mine to 3/70 at the moment to compare her to my 3/70 Inari to see who gets darts. I’ve been raiding with Inari at 3/70 to test out the dodge mechanics and really enjoying the experience.

I agree with @Owzat - I think a dodger at 3/70 actually works better than many others in terms of tyre kicking as the dodge increases their survivability (assuming you can get them charged and ready to fire, quickly.


I’ve been loving Hanitra at 3:70. She’s surrounded by limit broken and emblemed heroes so she dances her way out of danger and powers up the rest as she goes. If needed she’ll get a heal off Vivica.


I’ve pretty much decided to put Hanitra on watchtower defence in place of non-costumed Joon. She’ll get emblems for sure. Not limit breaking anyone just yet but she would certainly be in the front part of the queue.

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