Hanitra – 5* Holy / Yellow - December 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

i’ve read someone say she is better then inari. am i missing something or he is wrong?

Got her, yay :blush: .

Anyway, I did test run regarding her passive. Since she puts on herself 3 different buffs, her mana recharges by 15% again. With Lv23 mana troop, she needs only 6 tiles to be charged again. So technically she is very fast after she fires once. And this is without considering remaining members buffing her. She is definitely more awesome than she looks at first.


Here are my thoughts on her!


Got a double whammy!



Is that called a double Hani when that happens?


Awesome I love it! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Drew Hanitra today! If I can only fully max one of Hanitra & Director Zuri and taking both to 3/60 means a delay of however long it takes to get 4 more orbs before I could max either even though I have the darts, is there a clear choice?

Both seem good…

Nutshell of my roster
  • no maxed or 3/60 yellow 5 stars. This would be the first.
  • no 5 stars in any color really, though Alexandrine is already under way in blue. Purple/red/green 5 stars are probably a month or so off before I might start them even
  • no real dodge in any color yet except for (unmaxed) ninjas
  • maxed yellow 4 stars are Wu with costume and (soon) D’Andre, so I do have a yellow healer. Have cleanse in Rigard with costume in purple already maxed.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with both from what I’ve read, and it’s quite likely that whichever I choose, the other will likely be the next maxed yellow 5 star when I accumulate more mats.

Any obvious factors I might be missing to tip the balance towards one or the other as the first?


Does anyone know how she behaves with Vanda in the same team? Do they add up as dodge and ailment protection?

Her speed makes her better + heal boost + she becomes very fast after the first fire makes her better.

Inari’s hit all benefit is negated by Hanitra’s heal boost allowing to take a full blown hitter in the team instead of a healer.

That’s how I see the difference…

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Hanitras dodge is also a aliment protection, because it dodges the whole special skill including status ailments.

If hanitra fails to dodge you have just the normal protection from Vanda against negative effects but still get damage.


Yesterday, I got Zekena through my Underwild coin pulls. Today, Hanitra arrived in my roster with a single Underwild coin pull. My streak must be Holy, then. :heart_eyes:


With dodge now available in a HOTM, I would bet money on one or more anti-dodge heroes coming out in a few months, with a talent that includes the line “removes all dodge bonuses.”


It would also explain why they’ve buffed Inari, finally.

Thinking the same as you however Inari has a minion that hurts and mana boost on it. I feel like Inari does enough extra to give her the edge, but I’m still torn… maybe I’m too in love with mana boost

I get your point…
For me, the key is - heroes in the roster combined with L23+ troop decide which hero is better for each player !

Personally, for me both are better coz:

  • I have an L23 for Inari = makes her same speed as Hanitra.
  • I have got OdiN to manage damage / mana boost @ fast speed & team up with fast Hanitra’s dodge + heal boost…

So, I am in a quandary which one gets the darts, though in the excitement of Inari’s improvement took her to 3/70 quickly… while Hanitra still awaits her first food & while 3 more darts awaited… I will let them sit :wink: where they are !

I thought of the same! They already have code ready from Russell so it’s just a matter of time we start seeing those. Hanitra is way too strong for their HotM standards for this not to be a trap.

But we’ll only see more details in first beta of January, so after people spend out of their minds through December if Hanitra dodges them.


Hanitra is a - “Year-End : Thank You” by SG to all the players… with a wide distribution via HoTM route ! :wink:

Her special of : Dodge with Heal boost is superb for an average player who USES a Healer in the team…

Please remember, ONLY the top players don’t always carry / use a healer during play…

Dodge is painful & TOP special of the current or rather any meta… unless there is a 100% hit thru heroes !

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Hanitra with 20 Emblems (4%mana bonus) and 11% bonus from troops with ninja Mica is very nice… She need only 6 tiles for her special ( 3 buffs from Mica 15% mana and you need 14% mana generation bonus) and she is ready in same round as Mica when cast lvl1 buffs.

Inari or hanitra? Who?

hanitra, She is faster, has a great healing mechanic, her skill cannot be blocked, But she needs to be paired with strong hitting team,