Handling AW Clean ups

Scene: You are at War and want to help your Alliance. You have your 6 strong teams or 5 strong teams and one pretty strong clean up team. You open the Battlefield screen only to discover it is littered with the remains of failed attacks by your Alliance mates with no full teams left to attack.

This appears to be a point of contention in pretty much every Alliance, so I’ll ask:

What is the best way to handle the AW clean ups?

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You should ask in tha alliance’s chatt app who could do a cleanup and in their assence, without the chance to log in after some time, you could start to kill the ones that would be easily killed again on respawn (1st half of the war) or the ones that would give you more points (2nd half of the war).

The problem being faced is that people are logging in later in the war with their flags full and having strong teams only to find that there are only clean ups available .

I generally burn flags later in both halves and attack stronger opponents to damage them. That leaves easier targets around for the less developed teams to feed on.

in our allaince clean ups are generally reserved for our lower power players so that they canstill get good points when they are much lower than our opponents. dipping the board is our main goal and this can only be achieved by making sure clean ups get taken care of also. you flip the board and freshpoints are their for late loggers to load your allaince with a nice lead

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