Handicapping Alliance Wars


Currently, my alliance, Fourhorsemen, is enduring a pasting from an alliance that was rated 13k points higher than us in alliance score at the start. Just 30 minutes into the war, they had a 700 point lead, which has only grown. Since I can’t offer any genius solution to achieving fair match-ups for every war, why not introduce a handicapping system similar to golf?

Let me use the current war we’re engaging in as an example of how handicapping could work.

Match-ups are made using the current coding. No handicap is used if the alliance score difference is 1000 points or less. For every two points of difference beyond 1000, one point is added to the initial score of the lower rated alliance.

So, with an initial difference of 13k points in the case of the current war, my alliance would have begun with an initial score of 600. (The handicap could also be a subtraction from the initial score of the stronger alliance, but a negative score just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.)

Using the actual results from our war, after 30 minutes, our opponents would have only had a 100 point lead. My alliance members would still be motivated to battle as hard as possible. Even at the end now, we would only be losing by 300 points, which is a realistic reflection of the power difference between us. But, if they had a couple of members who didn’t participate or had poor results because of tactical mistakes or crummy boards, the war would likely become a nail biter.

My mates aren’t disenchanted about AW from this, but they certainly had more fun winning by 6 points in the final two minutes two wars ago. A handicapping system offers all alliances a chance for such a win in every war.


Worth considering…I think everything should be on the table given the difficulties we’ve seen.

My personal preference is some kind of ladder system.

I understand something similar to raids is being introduced.

I believe that this system is frequently misunderstood, leading to oh so many complaints about how teams of various strengths and trophies can possibly beat ME!

So whatever the next attempt, it needs to be really thoroughly explained, flagged, pinned and explained again.


Thanks for sharing your idea Mark. AW feedback is always welcomed.


My global chat invisibile… :disappointed_relieved: please I need help. I’ll update new version but still invisible.


I have to agree, especially with the new war chest. We need a matching system that works. Our last 5 wars have been total mismatches. Until that is fixed war chest is just an additional poke in the eye.


It seems that you already have a team strength metric. Why not use it and add a handicap to obtain a war strength metric? Say +1000 points for each war win and -500 points for each war loss. Over time the team war metric will even things out to where the war matchups are more equal.