Handicap on special events


I love the special events and I love golf. Seem totally unrelated but please read on for a moment.

The beauty of golf is if you have a handicap (-strokes from your total score) you can compete against someone that has a handicap. That evens the playing field.

Now, back to empires and puzzles.

The special events are awesome. One complaint I have seen is the rich get richer. Which is true.


Keep the gross score, but add a second score, net. Net would equal overall score divided by team power for each level. This would allow younger players to feel a sense of accomplishment. You may not be the best, but you played it extremely well.



I like the idea of rewarding people who is good at playing, not only good at buying.
But rewarding with what? Other ascension items? Tokens?

They already improved the chance of have it quite a bit, honestly they have to sell a product too.


Similar loot as the gross rankings, but to a lesser extent (maybe half?) Or a situation where you can only win one or the other, whichever is your better rank.

Dunno. Just something I was mulling over for everyone to get decent rewards from events.