🏆 Hammertusk – 5* Nature / Green from Plain Hunters

Just pulled this guy in the CoE summon. Pretty sure he’ll fit into the main rotation once he gets leveled up. He will undoubtedly make my once weak Nature team pretty damn powerful.

Quick question though… would it be more beneficial to prioritize Ma’at, Galapagos, or Hammertusk when it comes to leveling. Hammer would be the new shiny toy for me with the damage buff; Ma’at has the defense down, but I already have Guan Yu (albeit his defense down is dependent on minions); and Galapagos is a hit all kinda guy.

Late reply, but hammertusk must always be prioritized. Not a lot of heroes have such an ailment. Probably exceptional in game modes like the towers where defence down is not reliable

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At the 19th node, is it better to take mana or shield bonus? With mana only being 2% i am not sure it is worth it…


Personally, I always choose the mana node for all heroes. I am sure others have more scientific approaches lol.

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if you have normal mana troops for him to charge in 9 tiles, i dont see a value to pick the mana node.

the only exception is that if you plan on using him on defense as it may help (i still prefer defense since it is help him survive more)

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I would not use him on defense. I have maxed mana, Styx, and wizard troops. He is All offense. I agree. Will go defense.