🏆 Hammertusk – 5* Nature / Green from Plain Hunters

Franz definitely has a better SS, but Franz is also v.slow. this guy would be wholly broken if he did all of what Franz did at average speed with 5* stats.

Got him today on my 8th token pull. Exciting possibilities. 1st thought is a silvaria/HT/ rat 3stack. And then these for titans


Thx, I have updated the OP.

Maybe I have sensed the buff ?


This is tbh the only hero worth chasing in covenant. He doesn’t have half the gimmicks of his covenant peers, but any hero with damage amp immediately gets an S tier rank. And with him being barb, he can amp up bleed. He’s the only barb right now to profit from his talent due to damage amp


who is the best covenant hero ?

This guy, the most practical one of them all


I only have him, so glad to hear that although I lean more to Adalinda :grin: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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Adalinda is the second to chase. Most of the covenant heroes are either too niche or they will be powercrept eventually by future stronger heroes. But hammertusk would always be relevant


I have Haw-the-pipe-guy-thorn and I can tell you, that he is amazing and I don’t think he’ll be powercrept in the near future.

However, this another iteration of Bane from the Batman movies is indeed the most versatile of all hunters. He’d be great in titans and events as well as in regular attacks.

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Might not replace Franz, but def worth another three MT hits. And similar, faster than franz in other places…

I tried for this and adalinda but no luck. Maybe next time around… :slight_smile:

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I pulled 2 Hammertusks in one 10 pull, what are the odds


2 out of 10 % chance

Congratulations! Nice pull.:sparkles:

And i thought i was winning w/ 2 charon in 2 10x. Congrats.

Surprised this one isnt getting more love. True, its not super sexy. But for a simple mechanic, it’s powerful.

Who is the sexiest then?

Based on the forum? Waterpipe and Hawthorn

Ooh, sexy middle aged elf man :smirk:

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just maxed him today. cause monster island event coming up & he gets all the +20% attack defence health during event & most imporatntly 50% less damage taken, means i can survivie longer in game

Can someone post a pic of an LB2 Hammertusk please (post balance update)?