Hammer Time for Little Richard? (Ascension Advice) 🔨

Goodly Morning, Keyboard Warriors,

Richard has been awaiting a scope since, well, forever.

I have every other blue 5* maxxed and don’t level dupes without a Costume.

Is Richard useful? Should he pilfer emblems?

If so, I’m much more likely to strip down Justice than Thorne…

I’m vc2p so new blue 5* are few and far between

Any thoughts?


Richard is a good war tank, and definitely useful even without a costume. He is slightly better than Thorne.


Gleaning what I can re: the love for Richard on defence.

Attack debuffers are always nice but I prefer costume Kiril to Richard when raiding…

I was in a similar boat to you not too long ago and made the decision to ascend him and I think he’s a decent supporting hero

EDIT: Woops I think Rohn was actually saying the opposite lol



Ohhh Jonah, my good man, how you are going to regret posting here this morning. :laughing:

WARNING: Totally off-topic incoming

Been trying to decide which one of you to drop this on first. It appears we have our first volunteer!

The mighty Bard,
Teller of stories;
Legends spoken
Of his glories

T’was his mistake
To post this dawn;
Who better than he
To test this on?

Almighty Bard,
Step right up!
And proudly accept
Your brand new cup!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


You have now officially been inducted into our cult. You may must drink from the cup now.

  1. As long as I can drink tea from it
  2. And you have to contribute something pertinent to my Richard conundrum

Then I’m in.

And thank you for the lovely cup :kissing_heart:

  1. Of course, you can drink anything from it. Any drink you pour into it will give you +1 to all of your abilities.

  2. I have a maxed Richard, and I do use him. But keep in mind that just because I use him, doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s useful. He just happened to be my first blue 5*. He tends to keep me firmly in mid-platinum tier with my big bad scary 3950 TP team.

Considering that you don’t have any other blue 5s? And not expecting to get any more anytime soon? I’d say yes, give him the scopes. But I’d hold back on pilfering emblems until you put him through a few trial runs.


Very sensible on all counts. Cheers :coffee:

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I have Richard+17 and I love him. I went full attack path and with Grimm and Kiril he can hit 900-1000 in middle target he is much better than I was expecting, definetly worth maxed and be emblemed


Yep, give him those 6 scopes and 1 pair parachute pants.

Underrated in defense - possibly the best blue tank, depending on how one feels about Aegir, and good synergy with many other blue heroes by dint of being the same speed as Kiril and Grimm.

I find his attack credible (though I am using him at 3.70 he’s following Kiril + either Frida or Grimm) and his effect is very useful.

Incidentally, if you spec him out all along the Paladin def/hp route and then are fortunate enough to land his costume you will find you basically have an all attack oriented Barbarian. Personally, I’m hoping that happens for me and then I would probably use costume on offense, regular on defense.


I thought SGG is still locking heroes used on defense teams. So no using costumed Boldtusk on defense team and default Boldtusk versus titans.

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That is true. Seeing that with lianna. But what she’s saying is the talent grid changes paths when you equip the costume. I took lianna in the defense path for ranger, but when I switch her to cleric, she’s all attack on that grid. It’s pretty awesome. When you change to the costume however, it changes all your teams.

Change is coming?

Richard with emblems would be more useful if you could use different versions on defense teams, and attack teams.

Because of the 5*+20 war defense team problem, I except SGG has something coming later to change the meta.

Just like SGG took 3-6 months of changes in game mechanics after god Boldtusk, and god Athena ( see notes ), to rebalance the meta.


Go ahead and use 6x telescopes now, or wait and see how SGG changes the meta before using 4* ascension items on a hero you are shaky on ascending.

Plus Mystic Titans, and Ninja Tower.

If you have 18x telescopes, go ahead. #ONLYaGAME #NOextremeHOARDING


Click for notes



One of my biggest regrets in my roster was leveling justice. I couldn’t imagine giving her emblems. Strip her down to negative emblems if you can and put them to good use on Captain HappyHammer.

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I thought war defense team, and tournament defense team, locked those heroes.

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Once the war is active yes. But even a titan team vs raid defense and so on. Once switched, it switches all of them. It’s kind of annoying. I need to amend my previous statement regarding locked in events. But you just did so thank you much!

I leveled Richard and he is awesome. Great tank with medium speed and attack down mechanic. I have him 18 Level of emblems and will give him 19 to increase Mama speed to 9 stones.

My defense is holding 2500 cups. Sometimes these go up to 2600 over night. my middle three are oldschool: Boldtusk +19, Richard +18, Azlar +18. My Wings are strong though with Drake and Kingston.


Which path should I go with Richard if I’m not planning on using him as a tank?

Is he best to keep alive and hit with or is he sturdy enough and better with more damage?

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