Ham Refill Specials

With the latest weekly tournament offer of trainer heroes and just coming off an Atlantis summon period, is there a way we could also have a complementing food refill discount? Once a month maybe?

I’m somewhat new to the game (roughly 5 months) and understand your watchtower and farm levels drive the ability to quickly feed and raise a hero and troops (wow, they can eat…haha), but if multiple specials are going to be offered alongside a summon event, how about one that allows a player to use there inventory of feeders quicker and run TC’s at full capacity while gaining a few levels at a low cost?

For example, there could be a 1m food refill for 100 gems or full refill for 200 gems. Multiple options and combinations, but at least there is the ability to obtain a simple and cost effective (hopefully) way to upgrade a hero a few levels or put a TC to work.

I’m sure as I play longer, food may not be the major resource concern it is now, but still having these one time options would be nice.

Yes!!! And Yesss!!!

Also very advanced players are currently always short on ham (and those with two builders also lack iron). I think offers with added resources every now and then—in particular during or after Atlantis Rises, where people can get ridiculous amounts of recruits—would be a good idea.

However, I also think it is high time that a second (or even third) tier of food/iron/resource quests got introduced. “Gather Food II” might give you, for instance, 35k, 55k and 90k food and “Gather Food III” 75k, 125k and 200k whereas the difficulty is—of course—greatly increased. Same with “Mine Iron” and “Scavenge Resources”.


Great idea!

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