Ham & Iron Bundles for Nerfed Heroes that are Reset

Dear SG,

If there is a rebalance that’s requires a nerf based on player feedback I understand trying to reduce people’s frustrations. But people spend a lot of Ham and Iron on talents. Ham and Iron are high value items in the game as represented by the gem cost of a full refill (around $51 before tax for ham at “best value” gem cost). So by the time you are talenting a hero to 20 we are talking hundreds of dollars of resource value based on shop prices. Now yes you can wait and farm for it for at no cost, but that is a time investment and we all know that many pay to speed up progress, which is why it costs so much to purchase.

I think if a hero is nerfed you should be mailed reset tokens for each of the nerfed heroes that get the nerf.

More importantly if you decide to reset the talents on a nerfed hero that you have talented, you should get all of the Ham and Iron back as bundles along with the emblems.

This way you can immediately talent another hero that has not been made irrelevant by a nerf. Current changes that are being floated around in beta if passed will likely frustrate many who have invested those hundreds of dollars worth of resources into those heroes. Considering a rebalance is to please the player base, play fair and compensate those that have invested heavily in those heroes by at least returning that investment cost.

I have been investing in this game for 3 years and not modestly. You are never going to please everyone, but do the right thing for your players/investors to keep as many as possible around for the long haul.

Thanks so much for the many hours of entertainment and for creating a social game that I have found many great friends through!

I very much appreciate any consideration,