Halted roll out

Let me wrap my brain around something.

You abort the wars in order to roll out the new update, then you halt the roll out because it has issues. And then you say “Sorry, my bad”

And then offer exactly no compensation of any kind for your fudges. What the actual hell? Giving everyone a flask, a few gems and a token or three along with that appology would go such a long way.

@Petri @Sara


Honesty is the best policy, I feel a bit slighted as well because *I can’t collect class emblems…

(keeps frustration bottled inside)

*Correction. I can’t collect class emblems while some others can.


I’m not saying they will or won’t compensate ppl, but I’d think it’s a case of actually fixing it and completing the rollout as the priority, anything else will be dealt with at the end! Pretty standard not to compensate for every little bug or issue but to roll it all in to one apology and compensation

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If any delay takes a lot longer than SGG expects they usually give a small bit of compensation. But if this takes less than a day like they hope, I doubt it.


I’d rather have wars than rhe update personally

Cancelling wars 30 minutes before matchmaking started was a bit of a low blow in my opinion

Best 2 days of the week: wars
Right now we’re just mindlessly farming
And killing titans earlier than 24 hrs, but can we merc? Nope cause we’ll lose our war chest

At least in E&P 2017, we could merc if we got bored


Yes, the whole War Pause has been brutal…


I don’t mind the AW pause; I’m enjoying raids more right now (which is something I never thought I’d say)…


SG should compesete to every player by giving 1 spesial 5* token where they can choose any 5* hero they want.

Yeah + all the mats needed for that Hero and 18 flask of every kind because its Version 18.


I don’t personally mind war being off or paused. I don’t do AW any more cause it aint worth my stress or time.
Even with 5 wins in row … it still not woth it … I got 3 war chest and nothing good at all. Loaded with BS loot that I can farm in map or gives me nothing as ETT … AW ETT and/or EHT should be speciall and should get a higher drop rate of 4s troops/5s heroes … if we calculate time and stress gave to earn them. Just not same as normal ETT/EHT ichs.
I care about the 18.0.0 update more, and I saw some threads that earned my attention made me concerded about following:
1- Stages to earn tokens need heroes of categories that F2P/C2P may not have already even some one like me who spent about 2 years still doesn’t have.
So how I may pass them to earn the tokens.
2- Players who by some how had the update 1.5 day (till now) beofre us even with taking of the tokens till fully fixed they still have had the chance to collect some, to be able to pimp their heroes up. Within the time we will start to figuer out how to gain, this is giving those player a higher hand above every one else and would effect the game starting from Bronze till top100 ranking, as only 8 of 100 top players got that update and maybe the tokens so the people normaly hanging around 50th ranks will be now 1 2 3 rankings.
Let me give an in deep a bit concern, Taking away tokens that already claimed by players who did the quests will be NOT FAIR to them as its not their fault that the update didn’t reach others. And second Will make a huge issue in the new system (that already has its own bugs) as if token been already used or just been pulled out and the questes did not reseted on their accounts.
So we are having a big issues here.
I don’t blame SGG for any thing, I just wanted to have a time zone map showing which countries have the update through the leagally app stores Google store and Apple Store not the stores with unknown resources.
Or to just make sure to relase the updates will be followed 18.0.0 when its for sure up there for every one.
I’m also not blaming SGG for some tjing maybe Zynga’s fault. I have no clue as I am not sure if Zynga is running the game now or still SGG. I just had my concerns about Zynga and I think a post on News and Updates should let E&P community know who is in charge now.
I pray for @Petri and Staff to get bless and strenght to fix all this asap.
And I hope every thing will be soon fixed.
PS, saying sorry could be enough, but I think after 2 days with out no AW got people who love AWs and/or people who love to have the update and both had nothing … would like to get a good appoligy reward … which can’t be only a WE flask or an EHT that will give them another Renfild.
Have a great day!


It looks like the rollout was halted for less than a day and it’s now continuing to roll out. Not sure exactly what the big deal is on a fraction of a day exactly??


Shhhhhh. Do you want free stuff or not? :wink:


I think they shouldn’t give @Dante2377 any rewards at all … cause he supported the delay :crazy_face:


or give it all only to him because he supported and is sure cheaper > makes sense :wink:

I think many will flag your post now … cause it means having nothing at all after this wait.
They may think you are a spy :smiley:


I was all geared up for war and it was just stolen away from me.

Me rn

I cant even enjoy the update in the mean time


The issue is shitty infrastructure, unplanned changes of game play and the general “we dont care enough/you’re not worth more than a lame sorry, my bad” attitude.

But I admitt I am more than a bit annoyed by SGG lately.

Compensation made sense a few months back with the war fiasco. Now I don’t see any reason why there should be any compensation. Players who don’t visit this forum dont even know that the update was supposed to roll out yesterday.


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