Halloween Titan Idea

Idea for special titans that might go well with Halloween. Introduce the classic horror monsters, Frankenstein, wolf man, Dracula, their special power takes all color away from the screen so you have to match by shape, not color. The screen could look like a classic horror movie.Maybe each titan gets 2:00 to offset the difficulty or their attack isn’t as powerful. I think this would be fun.

Interesting idea in concept. I just hope SG could implement it in time for this Halloween, but if not that could be a really good idea for next year assuming they don’t have a new event in the pipeline for the same timeframe. Of course this is the biggest problem I see personally with this, prior to mechanics of the fight itself which is a separate topic. If SG is absolutely forced to make a choice between new titans and existing events I am afraid they will likely choose the previously existing event overall.

Good concept, I hope to see it implemented in the long term, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Felt I should link this similar topic.