Halloween - Time for a new event?!

Hi, in a few weeks is Halloween, does someone know, if we will see a special event? Maybe with new heroes?

I beleive there will be monthly events like the last one now. No idea if they will do other events like Easter


This year, there was an easter event. It’s just…they could do a lot of heroes for Halloween, like “The Munsters”, “Elvira” or many others…

They plan to bring events every month, but it is not guaranteed. No info for next event has been released yet.


While that would be fun. I honestly hope they limit events to once every two months. I’d rather them focus on quality of life issues and bug fixes than new bells and whistles.


Are there any plans for Helloween, like an event or some new heros or something like that?

HELL-o-ween? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

I haven’t heard anything official, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Bring on Halloween!

I rather get some cute event with awesome heroes before Christmas… leave pumpkins for Panther;)

I’m hoping this is a clue!
43 PM


That was the logo for the beta program. I think that is REALLY a big hint. I’m getting my hopes up.

I think the new monthly hero will be Perceus. Blue 5* and great against healers. I played with him, and would love to have him on my team.

If Small Giant is keeping the colour rotation that they used for the first 5 heroes of the month then I’d expect Thoth-Amun to be the hero for November, and then the Blue Perseus for December.

Think you are right. I forgot about him. Dang, I wanted Perc…

Lot’s of pumpkins at the fort now :slight_smile:

…and a full moon!!!

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