Halloween Pull

10x pulls

1 x Valeria
2 x Vlad
1 x Chao
1 x Rigard
1 x Skittle
The rest 3* and no HoTM


That’s quite solid for a 10x. Too bad you didn’t get Victor though.

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Victor seems very imbalanced at first glance.


wow u ppl are fast. anyone pulled e 2 vampires? they looked evil i mean powerful

He’s definitely strong, but his damage doesn’t compare to Sartana’s until you cast him on the same target 2-3 times, by which point most enemies will already be dead. The Defense buff is very nice though, and the healing steal will be useful in certain situations. I could definitely imagine seeing him join some top defense teams alongside Zeline, Guin, and GM since his defense buff on very fast mana has great synergy.


5 pulls
Oberon (with Aegir)
Wu Kong

I’m very, very happy with that. I had Wu, but not Tibs or Aegir

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2 shots. Valeria & Sokolnik. Verry happy.

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5 pulls with Epic Hero Tokens:

  1. Valen - “meh”
  2. Kiril - “okay, at least a 4*, shld I keep going? The original plan is to save it for Alantis”
  3. Victor - “jackpot! This is rare for me to be so lucky, I hope I can get the same results for Alantis next”
  4. Azar - “meh again. Shld I continue?”
  5. Vlad - “woah, another one? What’s happening?!”

Overall - I’m very happy for the pulls, but am saving my gems for Alantis next


Offensively anti Guin. Defensively a real monster with very fast mana. Imagine like GM. His defense buff will be continuous if you get a bad board. Even if you get strong tiles against the other heroes, you won’t be able to kill them quickly enough. He will be a nightmare to most.

Qualified as a 5* event hero. :laughing:


I did 4 pulls. I got Victor on the 4th.

I got my 4th Rigard, Nashgar, and Karil for the other 3.

Pretty excited with the outcome. Probably save the rest for Atlantis or try for next months HOTM.


super excited I drew him.

Now out of him and Khiona who would you ascend and is the other useful at 3/70?


I don’t know I don’t have Victor but Victor seems to be a Guin/Ares counter.

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It’s not even a competition. Victor for sure. My second 10x pull got another Valeria Vlad Grimm and Wu. Still no Victor. :sweat:


Holy smokes, congrats to you and @King_Nothing, @Cereslia!!


Yeah I cannot even remember the last time I got this lucky. Maybe when I got Khiona off 1 single token for the entire month.

I consider myself C2P but will spend a little extra on sweet deals. Like the cheaper one that just came by with 600 gems.

Haha, thanks. I had heard that before and didn’t think I’d have a shot at him given the amount of pulls it normally takes. Guess I have a change of plans.

Khiona is already at 70 and she seems decent there so Victor will go.

Did two pulls, got Grimm and Karil.

Happy with Grimm to replace Valen. Hes like a stronger version of Valen except slower mana speed.

Was hoping for a vampire though


Two of the best 4* Blue heroes. Both are worth levelling to max

Grimm is solid and his special is awesome. I have 1 at 70, 1 at 60, and 2 others. I will get to them.

The ramming pulverizer helps in so many aspects of the game!

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