Halloween Event & Vampire Heroes!

Since you can’t use epic tokens for Atlantis summon I’d use them now. May end up with a decent 5* or HOTM too.

I think she’s meant to be a sugar skull, not a zombie :slight_smile:

Lol the Jack-o-lanterns are more lively than the citizens, :joy: they do bakflips if you tap on them

You pretty much covered what I was going to say. I used my tokens and before id even consider using gems Ill wait the 2 days to see what Atlantis gives us. Im hoping for Athena and/or Zeline to dump all my gem hopes into. Haha

There were no seasonal heroes last winter event - but given the trend this year I certainly think SG will be making seasonal heroes for the winter event. At least, I hope so… :wink:


I too was gonna hold off til Atlantis but couldnt resist. Did a 10x pull n got vlad, 8x 3* n Azlar. Should I be happy about Azlar? Not sure. His dot is fantastic but his slow mana is not too appealing.

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Lol maybe frosty the snowman will a 5* with ice DOT! and defense buff. Would be interesting!

Why they can’t use? Or is it not useful to do it because very fast speed?

Maybe a blue Healer with special “ice cream”.



Mana troops are lv 4 troops that are only allowed on the 3rd challenge due to level restriction.

Oh that you mean… Yeah sorry, duh :slight_smile:

I don’t understand, why they made that silly “Steal 61% of healing” instead of having the vampires suck the lingering damage hit points for themselves? That would have made them better and it would also make more sense thematically (if anyone cares about that).

Anyway thanks for putting effort in the art! Really love the images in the new cards. Was beginning to lose hope after the sand event and most of the atlantis cards.

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I got it… Viking Santa Claus

With a naughty list/Coal-based special skill.

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OK, that makes me feel better. I used my 13 Epic Hero Tokens. I thought I wanted Victor, but knew my odds of getting him were almost non-existant, and I didn’t, so I was hoping to pull Valeria instead.

I wanted to like Valeria, as I love very fast heroes and lack an interesting blue to level up after I finish Triton. I was hoping to pull her, and level up my blue mana troop to 11 for her so she could charge in six tiles. But nope.

I did pull Vlad, and even as a serious 3* hoarder for rare events, unless he gets buffed significantly, I think I should eat him and level up another Balthazar instead of hoarding him thinking that I’ll want to use him someday.

@BarryWuzHere, in my opinion all the vampires should be buffed and given non-dispellable bites and all should get some sort of buff with either defense or generate some sort of minion follower, because you know, they are vampires and vampires have sired minions.


did a video breakdown on the Halloween Dudes.


I actually follow the channel & already saw the video. It was great as always!

I used Valeria in this last war. I have her at 4-40. First time I have taken her out for a drive. As I expected when these came out, it was super easy to hit the same opponent three times and get the stacked damage going. Field aid didn’t do much to help the victim, also as expected.

Question on the special though…it says up to 540 damage in total . Is that from the DOT hit, or from the last DOT hit? In other words is the previous DOT damage counted in that total or not?

I do think she is underrated based on this one use…but I’ll see if I feel the same as I use her more.

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