Halloween Event & Vampire Heroes!

Hello everyone! Now that the new Halloween heroes & event has been released, I created this topic on your opinion, tips & what you got regarding the special limited Halloween season! I was able by using 4 free gold hero coins to get Valeria, Vlad, Sabina, Tiburtus & Aegir the hero of the month!

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They are situational and those two can’t use a mana troop on events. Good for raids and war I guess.

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So, would you push on Victor? is he worth?

He is the best defending purple hero for sure and he is also good for attacks.
High ATK, very fast special and very good effects, 101% worthy.


I used 2 tokens first was melendor (feeder hero) second was victor…
I stopped pulling after that and saving my tokens for the next seasonal event. I consider myself extremely lucky and will save gems for Atlantis.

I think the 3* hero is good for a 3* (I tend to use 3* only for events and there isn’t a whole lot of healing in events) and victor is very good. I’m not sold on the 4*…

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For someone who is just playing this game for 2 months and has a very limited hero roster (Magni and 1 to 3 4* heroes for each color): Does it make more sense to participate in the seasonal or the Atlantis summon?

Seasonal is cheaper but Atlantis has the chest, that is filling uo with each summon. What are you spending your gems for?

I think Atlantis, because it gives a higher chance at 5*s.

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If u have the hero tokens saved use them in seasonal since you can’t use them in Atlantis.

The drop rate on seasonal isn’t good enough to justify using ur gems.

Use your gems in Atlantis for the higher drop rate on 5*… you also have the bonus of getting a bunch of new 3-4* hero’s you likely don’t have a ton of already.

Of course Atlantis is also better deal if you can at least do a 10x pull (30x is best).

Of course the best and cheapest deal to getting 5* or 4* hero’s is simply leveling your training camp to 20. (But you will never get the hero’s that you can get from Atlantis)


I’d like to see a Zombie Elena with faster Mana & less accuracy (zombie).


Any idea on how to use Valeria? She seems so unconvincing.

Woohoo, great Halloween party! :hugs:

I am having a ball with the pumpkins in my fortress that jump and turn when I tap them :grin:

And I got very lucky indeed in the Halloween event pulls. Been saving up those gold hero coins, got Vlad and Valeria with these coins - and a lot of 4* heroes. Say, @Petri, did you guys improve the drop rates? It was quite nice to see all these 4* heroes coming from the summons!

Then I did one (!) 10-pull, and there was Victor! Yeah!!!

Great event for me :hugs:


Oh, I never thought about saving up hero coins. I always use them immediately, since I didn’t know that they can be used in seasonals.
I will wait until the next Atlantis event then, which is only a few days away.
My stronghold is being upgraded from 16 to 17 right now, so there is still some way to go until training camp 20.

Good luck

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Vlad is great for Yellow reflecting events.
I already ascended him to max.
Great add to my dark 3☆ team.

In which sense is Vlad specifically good for yellow reflecting events?
He does have good survivability but his attack is even lower than Tyrum. I am not too sure whether I’d use him for anything at this stage, since I have maxed Balthazar, Tyrum and Prisca in terms of 3*.

I have 2 Balthazar my self and Vlad will survive the bosses …
Time will show his greatness xD

I, also, saved 4 hero tokens and quit after got Vlad, then Victor.

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If you’re just going for completion Vlad is probably a great hero. If you’re trying to compete though you need fast and hard damage. A drain is not great for speed runs and his tile damage is quite low.

I must add though that the heal stealing would be pretty useful in Alliance Wars with Field Aid or lots of healers team.

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what do you guys think about Valeria ?
seems kind of underpowered no ?
I feel like the DOT could be a bit higher.

Going to speak more about the general sense than the actual event. But when the fall event was first announced in the announcements, I misinterpreted the title Return to Morlovia as *Return of Morlovia thinking that the event was going to be called something else, but Morlovia (as in the Rare Quest) will make one out of order pop up, like that extra Farholme Pass did a few weeks ago for multi-updates… But, we have “had” a few updates in the last few days, you know, nudge, nudge

Aside from the bouncing jack-o-lanterns, which @JonahTheBard is no doubt thrilled about like he was with the beachballs during the summer, that large moon in the background really takes the cake, it’s like a clichéd, stop the vampire trio’s sinister plans or risk having your world get totally absorbed into the eternal darkness of Morlovia.

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