Halloween Event or Legends of Transylvania?

The upcoming event for Halloween is gonna be epic.Not only that is gonna be overlapping with the Atlantis but also because it is coming with special heroes.
Are these, new heroes of Halloween, all legends of Transylvania?

  • 5* purple (Victor)
    • this could be Victor Monta – former prime-minister of Romania, where Transylvania is, for those who skipped the geography class – the last name is a delicious mistake made by Euronews after a pun used in anti-government demonstrations. I can’t wait to see what this Victor Monta does. Real blood sucker :slight_smile:
  • 4* blue (Valeria)
    • is this suppose to be Valeria von Monaco? If yes, oh my, please make the correction and add proper lips. She is a true sucker, can’t say exactly what. Could be blood.
  • 3* purple (Vlad)
    • the mighty Vlad the Impaler gets only 3 stars? I thought he will be the first 6 stars hero. C’mon, SG. Don’t make me feel spikes in the pocket.

Any news on reflect color for this event?

Seasonal Events don’t have a reflect color, they have some “special” tiles on the board. From what I’ve seen, this one is similar the Easter one. In Easter Event, some tiles were replaced with eggs with timer on them, when the time goes off the eggs explode and it hurts your heroes (if I’m not mistaken). If you match the exploding eggs before they go off, you gain a small amount of HP. By matching I mean that the eggs have colors like the normal tiles so you can match the eggs with standard tiles (1 yellow egg with 2 yellow tiles for example).

Halloween is the same but instead of eggs there are pumpkins (?) and matching them with tiles gives you mana.


Can someone give me the quick scoop on how the seasonal events work? I joined the game shortly after the summer (sand) event so I’ve never seen one… Is it Rare/Epic/legendary tiers like the challenge events? Or I’ve seen some vague reference to twenty levels - 2 tiers…? But never any further explanation…

any insight would be greatly appreciated.

In this thread @Mariamne exactly shows you how a seasonal event is made up.

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It is more like the regular quests, you can play every level (of both difficulties) only once for specific rewards and you are not competing with other players, but just finishing for those rewards. Instead of a day it will take 2 weeks.

Thanks everyone! @TomV93 that link was very helpful. @mariamne did a great job of putting that together.

Halloween don t have reflect color but specials rules with pumpkins (picture android store)

I will update my topic with Halloween content the 22th october.


I believe one seasonal event included sporadic reflects in it randomly on a few levels. This was an exception and the others haven’t had it. I forget which one it was, and it may have only been in beta.