Halloween event open Date

11th October open some new event???

11th Oct. old event. Grimforest, people say.


Busy month for the game. Lots of potential income for SG. Savvy. Very savvy.


11th Grimforest
22nd Halloween event
26th Atlantis
Somewhere between Grimforest and Halloween event should be the next rare quest.


Can someone please explain or describe the new Halloween heroes?

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Taken from Kerridoc in another thread.


Hope athena will be available in the next atlantis portal .

You have to be very lucky then to pull one of these if there are only three of them. Not worth it imo.

Is Vlad as a 3* going to be available as a possible Daily Summon reward? Or will it only be attainable in the event summon?

The Halloween heroes will be in the epic summons - so can be summoned with gems or an epic hero token. Seasonal or event heroes are never available in the daily summons.


Thank you for the confirmation!

I kinda want that 3* hero :slight_smile: i also want sand empire Hisan 3* hero. I don’t know… i’ve started to like them

Lots of good three stars out there. Squire Wabbit, Melia, Gato…

Hisan is really good (for a 3*) because of his high attack. Vlad is a tank, which makes him less interesting to me personally because I only use 3* for challenge events.

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As Halloween heroes will be considered epic, will they also be available in Atlantis summon gate? Anybody knows? Maybe Mr @Petri knows? :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you put Squire Wabbit next to Gato, you can avoid the rabbit’s self-debuff.


Is that so? Nice to know… thanks

For more information on the Halloween Special Event, please check out this new announcement:



so, half the number of new heroes comparing to Sand Empire?

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