Halloween and Atlantis crossover. Summons question

I’m not sure if two events have intersected before. Will the Halloween heroes be available in the Atlantis Summons, or will they only be available in the Epic Hero portal?

It would be ideal if they are available in both.

Is there a precedent?

anything i say that doesnt speak in favor of the devs and their pocketbook is bein flahges. flagged. SG get to flaggin, you’ll be busy for awhile


I read Petri’s post. It doesn’t specifically address the cross-over. I think your assumption is correct unfortunately.

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seems clear to me…


Thats the one i read. I should have searched for the original post. I assume that answer 4 was a response to the question i’ve asked?

Atlantis and S1 regular heroes are one summons, while Halloween characters and S1 heroes at the other. The Atlantis gate allow gem and Atlantis coins. Event gate uses gems and epic herp tokens.

Please, developers, let the event gate have a 30x pull.


If this helps, here is the original set of questions as well as Petri’s answers:


Thanks @Rook I should have looked harder before posting. Cheers

Ok, I’ve seen only the answers before but it’s better when you know the questions asked :wink:

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No worries. I saw them copied on Line somewhere. :wink: