📆 Half A Year Of Calendars - 2019

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Ferris Bueller said it best about life moving pretty fast, the same is true for us gamers in the Empires & Puzzles world. So many Event Challenges, Rare Quests, Trials, Seasonal Events, Costume Events and Atlantis I found it pretty difficult to keep track of it all myself. Which is why I started creating the Calendar of Events in the first place.

I am truly humbled from all the positive feedback I have received over the last several months. I would like to thank you all for support and suggestions for improving the calendars and to those that keep me informed of any changes I might have overlooked. Especially @zephyr1 @ThePirateKing @Benn and many others that have improved the image quality and /or translated the calendar to a specific language… THANK YOU!

With that being said I have organized all the calendars for 2019 in this thread for ease of access. AND as a bonus I have included the unpublished June calendar.

Note: December’s calendar may be subject to further revisions.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! :partying_face: :clinking_glasses: :tada: And I hope you all are looking forward to another year full of Calendars of Events.

:love_letter: ~Novo


Thank you for all the hard work you do for the community in coming up with these wonderful calendars. Keep up the great work. Here’s wishing you loads of success and happiness for the coming year. Advanced Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

PS: All the best for your new alliance. Hope you get some amazing friends/players. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this @Novo


Thank you for your hard work, you’ve been a lifesaver! :heart:

Although, may I suggest something? The calendars (at least the last one) seem to be kind of blurry if you open them in a new card. It doesn’t seem to be the issue with fonts, it may be noticed both November and December calendars are that way.

What I mean is that when one opens them on mobile or when they are recirculated around the various line open groups and alliance chats and on reddit, the quality further decreases and it may be harder to make out all the details.

I, as well as I believe some other members of the player base, would be much obliged if you could look into the matter. Do they look the same on your computer? Maybe it’s the issue with hosting? Or resolution? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your hard work @Novo!

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Thank you @krzysiek. This concern has been brought to my attention previously and I have been looking into ways of improving the image quality without sacrificing any information contained in the calendar. If there are any tech heads that are reading this and have any suggestions, please message me on either Discord at Novo2.0#4474 or via Line ID:novo2.0. Hoping to have this issue resolved soon. Thanks in advance for your understanding.