Hail to 4* healers

Although satisfying to launch a special that do lots of damage you’ll need 1-2 healers on any team. Boring? No! Many of your healers will also be amongst your best atackers. Bread and butter of damage is the ones tiles give and many healers have great attack stat and thus tile damage.

Melendor and Sabina are great attackers in that sense. They have the additional benefit of bring dispellers. Boril and Cyprian riposte tanks are no longer scary. Mel and/or Sab remove those nasty effects without taking damage (as Sonya or Caedmon would). Max «Gandalf» and/or Sab asap. Great for Titans, AW, raids and what not.

Another pair of class A 4* healers are Boldtusk and Kiril. They don’t heal as much as Mel/Sab, but they have that in common that they make your team much better. Boldtusk increase attack of all allies for 4 turns by a significant amount. Kiril does the same for 3 turns (slightly less) but also buffs your teams defence. Max both of these guys as soon as you get hold of any of them. They’ll be your buddies «forever» - also after having a bunch of maxed 5* on your team.

Fnal class A 4* healer is Rigard. His cleansing will keep your team alive in raids against nasty DoT heroes like Colen and Kelile. His attack stat is lower than say Sabina’s, so less useful against titans, but a life savior in raids…

Any other 4* healer worth maxing? Nah - Kashhrek can help you maintain a decent number of cups in early game if that’s your cup of tea, but his low attack stat makes him of little use in other parts of the game.

In short, you need a bunch of healers, and you’ll never regret maxing Mel, Sab, BT, Kiril and Rigard


I agree with most of your post, and am grateful for healers , except for that line. Kashy is a good one in his own right …

He used to be difficult in platinum Raid and Wars and can still pose a threat to some.

I did have a really cool alliance leader who said a good defense is a strong offence and he built his Defense team without healers and it worked well, so to each their own :innocent:


I use a maxed Kiril and Boldtusk every day, depending on what color I need to bring to raid. Almost never at the same time, since their +ATK buff overwrites each other, but they are both solid.

I have Melendor and Sabina, but haven’t gotten either one to 3-60 yet, because I’ve had to prioritize other heroes instead (Lianna & Hatter in green, Kunchen in purple). But I can see maxing both Mel & Sab at some point in the future for war depth. I’m sure if I had gotten them earlier, I would’ve leveled them both up, but alas… they were late to the party, not showing up in any summons or TC20 until I was already past a heavy need for them.

As many have said, a solid group of 4* is important to success in this game, and you can’t go wrong with any of the solid 4* healers you discussed!

Good gaming!


Hehe, OK. He’s a good tank. With the right flanks he can be really hard to take out. Yet, his versatility in other parts of the game surely is lower than that of those other gals and guys

Lots to agree with here. My primary team includes Melendor+8 and Sabina+9 (+10 after the trials tomorrow). Indeed rare not to be able to deal with Boril and Cyprian effectively, and you aren’t dependent on one hero or color for your healing. Got Rigard late, but switched off Domitia to max him immediately. Don’t have Kash, Boldtusk, or Kiril yet. :frowning_face:

Like the BeeGees, it’s all about ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.


Don’t forget Gadeirus :wink:

Staying alive , staying alive :musical_note::notes::studio_microphone:

Sorry I just had to…

And when you do, you will like em much. :yum:

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So you are running with 2 healers on your man team?

Always. It’s a play style thing. I try to give myself the most insurance against bad boards, etc. I don’t color stack heavily, and I run two healers so, if I get a bad board, hopefully I can survive long enough to turn it around. Is it the best strategy? Does it fit the current meta? I have no idea. But it has worked for me for a while. I raid in high platinum, have completed all world levels (seasons 1 and 2, even on hard), and regularly complete all three tiers of challenge events, although I never place highly, obviously.


Something I may have to try. Been working on my box trying to get a deep bench. As far as 4* healers I have
Kashhrek maxed
Boldtusk maxed +10
Melendor maxed
Rigard maxed +7
Kiril maxed
Sabrina 3:60
Triton 3:60
Gadeirus 1:1
In a deep debate with myself on giving emblems to Melendor or Caedmon still not sure

Gadeirus is good. But his slow mana makes him the less favorable among the heroes, unfortunately.

Let me know how it goes, if you do. I like to know if what makes sense to me actually works for other people!

I’m just about to finish Caedmon, and I have Sonya (blue Caedmon) at +7. Here is my feeling on that, for what it’s worth. Caedmon and Sonya have two purposes - to hit hard and to dispel. In my experience, both are about equally important when using them. The former can be enhanced by emblems; the latter cannot.

Melendor also has two purposes - to heal and dispel - but in his case, the former is usually far more important than the latter. Neither of these can be boosted by emblems, BUT he can’t do either if he’s dead. And he’s squishy enough that dead is a real possibility. Caedmon is quite a bit heartier. I went with emblems to Melendor along the HP/defense path to boost his survivability.

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I have Sonya(4:18) also very interesting you chose her for emblems in that class
I have lots of questions but was just doing more leveling to get most maxed and then feel my way around with different teams.
But as far as the 2 healer team was thinking about trying this team maybe emblems for Scarlett & Li Xiu

Well, my paladins were garbage, and largely still are. I’ve got Thorne at 1^1, but he’s my next blue project. Besides that, it’s Sonya, Tyrum, or Gunnar! Going to see how an emblemed Boril (my current blue project) works at tank. If the answer is “not so good”, I might max Thorne and give Sonya’s emblems to him.

That’s not a lot of firepower. Three passive specials and a minor AOE to go with Scarlett, who packs a wallop. I think you might have trouble with that. Have you got one more hero, maybe in green or blue, who could pack some punch? Ideally, someone like Grimm, who hits like a truck and adds defense down to help your tile damage from your other heroes. I see above that you have Triton, although he isn’t ready yet. My experience from fighting him (I don’t have him) is that his special can be pretty brutal, and he boosts the healing from the other healers. Caedmon or Sonya could also work as a low-grade sniper, and they would add a dispeller, which you don’t presently have. Would this be your defense team? Kashrek is a really annoying tank, but I don’t think he’d work well for much else. Maybe class trials. (Again, I don’t have him.) Melendor is a better general healer in green, and he also dispels. He’s squishy, though.

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That was the healer team I was going to try through the season mode still trying to understand alot of the game only at the 6 month mark
My defense team normally is this

That’s a pretty good defense team. You’ve got more than enough good heroes to finish season 1 or 2. From what I can see of your lineup, I might try:

  • Rigard (dedicated healer + cleanser)
  • Boldtusk (minor healer + att buffer)
  • Caedmon (sniper/dispeller)
  • Grimm (the muscle + def down)
  • Your choice of yellow (toss up on Chao or Li Xiu, but you may have other options)

When bosses start getting tough, give them a dose of Proteus, and maybe switch in Melendor or Kashrek for Caedmon to compensate for switching out Rigard.

Well from the normal summons portal in 4* I’m missing Boril & Colen. As far as yellow Li Xiu will be maxed today then I have Wu Kong (4:31), Hu Tao maxed, & a 5* Inari (2:29) No other yellow besides duplicates. Tried to get Guardian Jackel & Falcon, & Hansel & Gretel but no luck maybe next time.
Boril should work out nice I hear lots of good things about him meaning he is the chose pick over Cyprian whom I have maxed

For a world team, I might go with Hu Tao as your yellow, then. He’s slow mana, but when you are running two healers, you’re already playing the long game, so who cares? Better AOE damage than Li Xiu, and blind affects all world enemies, where Li Xiu’s mana cut only affects bosses. You could take Wu to add some punch to your tiles, but you also risk a miss with Caedmon or Grimm, including the all important defense down component of Ramming Pulverizer. (Disclaimer, I have all these yellow heroes at 1^1, so I am not the voice of experience on any of them.)

I’m maxing Boril right now for my tank. His attack is low, but with his special, it’s not about his attack. It’s about the attack of whoever hits him! :smile: And with two healers, you keep him and his nearby allies alive to keep counterattacking over and over again. I’m hopeful it will work well.

I would switch Grimm and Proteus for a couple of nights and see how the results compare to your set up.

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That’s not a bad point, especially if you went for the attack emblem path on Grimm and the defense/HP emblem path on Proteus. Proteus would be slightly more durable on the flank than Grimm, and his special would theoretically charge faster. The earlier it fires, the better.

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