Had to start over


Well, I didn’t have to start over, but a few days ago I did have to switch Game Center id’s for another game, so I said what the hell, and started E&P over. This time I know how to be wiser with my gems, hoarding them just for elemental summonseses of colors I’m weakest in. I had only 2* blue and purple, the rest are 3* and a very lucky Kalile grab, and I needed a strong healer really bad. Today started a dark elemental summons, so I took a spin… and got Oberon. Decent hero for a 3* team down the road, but not what I was hoping for, so I threw caution to the wind and pulled again, and got Rigard. Praise to the puzzle gods, exactly what I needed. All I need now is a strong blue, preferably a nerfer and/or mana-shrinker.

Anyway, I’m in no hurry to advance too fast now. I’m leveling up all buildings to keep up with my stronghold, I renewed my VIP from my other game to help stockpile gems, and things are progressing slowly but steadily. I’m still running out of food and iron here and there, but that’s slowly starting to level off. Really, the best lesson I learned from the first time around is to not waste gems – focus spending them on only what I need most, and only when the opportunity presents itself – i.e., for right now, elemental summonses – and don’t take chances yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed now that the next blue summons treats me as well as this purple one did.


Good luck, I started a 2nd team 2 months after the first, after making a lot of mistakes on the first one, now my 2nd is almost up to my first team, while the first is somewhat spend, with maybe $300 in 7 months, my 2nd has been maybe 40 with VIP and a few .99 and $1.99 here and there.


Holeee crap. Instead of a hero mission today, I got a 150 dark monsters mission. Got a fairly loaded chest for finishing that, including an epic hero token… and pulled Leonidas. In the months I played the last time, I never pulled a 5*. I’m just now leveling up my stronghold to 6, so I’m absolutely starved for hams because I can’t produce it fast enough! Oh well… there are certainly worse positions to be in than having to feed 4 and 5*'s.

Just wondering – should I leave the 4*'s and 5 on the shelf for now and just focus on leveling up a team of 3’s first?


Hi Danny , and congrats for the pul,i m guesing you are fresh to this game so as an advise you are looking to lvl up and upgrade your buildings as much as you can , lvling up means more world energy so more points to farm and so on .
At your stage you want to build a team where you can farm province 8 stage 7 with auto , or 7 stage 4 , after that when you are confortabile 12 stage 9 , that way you will get heroes to feed and materials for craft and backpacks , blades …you need patience and time , a 3* team is not so beneficial but on the other hand the 4* heroes will always be for good use :). Try read the guide and you will understand more better the game :slight_smile:


Well, my pulls have been too good. I got a couple each 4* and 5* and one 3*, which of course I’ve been leveling up first. Now the next event is here, which starts with nothing over 3*, and I have nothing usable to meet that task. I can’t come close to getting through the very first battle. I’m dead before I get to the final round. It’s a tad bit frustrating, but I’m gonna have to let this one go by. Now I don’t know if I should work up a 3* team for the next event.