Had anyone else had trouble with using multiple summonses?

Is anyone else have this problem? It has happened to me about 4 times since update… If I have multiple summons tokens and I go to redeem them, I get only one. I had avaiable the daily summons, Titan loot and War loot. Only got one…Rest gone after one summons.

This sounds like a very serious problem. I would contact the official support team for a solution.

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Just in case you need it:

Good luck in getting that resolved! I would be pretty upset if that were happening.

Since the beginning of the game, I have not had the opportunity to call the hero of the month for free despite the call of the elemental

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Any summoning other than the Epic Troop or Daily summon comes with a bonus 1.3% chance to summon the hero of the month, in addition to the normal hero summoned. There’s no way to guarantee getting one, and the fact that you haven’t successfully summoned one yet is highly unlikely to be a bug.

Thank you. I have never had much help from them… Thought I would ask if it had happened to anyone else.

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