Hack & Sack


Need a family? Want help leveling up with a real shot at a top 30 team? Apply to Hack & Sack. We are a mature fun loving alliance and sister to Slice and Dice. 400 cup minimum and Discord chat is required. We are a 4 alliance team with over 90 members and we can help you grow fast! Search Hack & Sack.


We have 2 seats open now! 400 cups to apply, we are approaching 6* titans.


Hi Bash…

Do you still have your 2 places going? Me and my friend play daily and both have over 1000 cups and are looking for an alliance we can be in together.



Yes I do! Please apply


Cool… Ummm, how do I do that guild says invite only


Any openings? I Play all the time and have over 1400 cups.


“Invite only” merely means when you request to join, they have the option to accept or reject your request. Try joining and see what happens. :wink:


Matt, have a place for you. Search Hack & Sack and click request join.


Please make sure you hit the request join button Matt, our seats fill fast. I let my leadership cabinet know you are coming. Is MightyMatt your player name?


Where is the request to join button? I can find your alliance, but don’t see any requests join button.


Just search rhe alliance page for Hack & Sack. I will double check he door, lol. Might be cups too high. Stay with me, we will get you in


Also Matt, make sure you have left your alliance. If you have, when you search us, click the brown box wth our name and you will see our alliance page, the button is there. Door is open, we are waiting


Can you send me an invite?


We cant invite, send me a screenshot please of the page you see? We cant do anymore on our end ro open the door. Also, have you updated the app?


Are you on discord? If so, let me have your disco name and 4 digits. We can help you better there.


I didn’t realize I had to leave my alliance first. Once I did that the join button popped up.


Didn’t know I had to leave guild first. Noob fail! Lol!
You guys look pretty full up now, no worries. Maybe another time… Happy hunting x