🐶 Hachiko - 5* Holy / Yellow from Mighty Pets

While that is true, he is a riposte to all heros, so think that argument does not really hold up.

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Today second purple titan, used just 1-2 bear banners and 1-2 harpoons for def down.

Improved my previous highest titan score by 50k with ease. Saw crits of 8.3k

An absolute titan beast of a hero. Looking forward to the next mythic yellow titan.

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Can someone please advise if health or attack is better for this hero? There’s two nodes where it’s a choice between attack/defense or health/defense :thinking:

he is a titan beast go full attack for the best scores.

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Thanks to Hachiko i placed higher than ever before with the following team on the purple mythic titan.

was a bit slow, to make sure of no misstep. quicker play and better cascades I think 2 millions would be possible with a few better heros.

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Got this guy! And he’s the one I wanted


Found this about Hachiko…. :heart::fire::slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, and it’s really true:


And there is a movie about the dog and a remake starring Richard Gere