Hacer más fuerte a vela

Hola que tal yo si quiero defender a vela y que le deben de agregar el daño adicional contra fuego con el 130% de daño que genera normalmente y el efecto de estado sea en general no solo cuando sean heores de fuego. podría ser opción.

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Translation (english prefferd)

Hello, how would I like to defend the candle and should I add the additional damage against smoke with the 130% of damage that normally generates and the effect of general sea state on the ground when it is smoke? it could be an option.

I still don’t understand.

Estoy de acuerdo… )(£__/=÷×+@#%^^&*¿¡¡

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Allow me to perform a proper translate:

Hi, how are you. I want to stand for Vela, They should add the extra damage against fire, and the 130% damage, Also a global status effect, not only against fire enemies.

Respuesta / Reply:

No estoy de acuerdo, la sinergia que tenía con Telluria era demasiado fuerte, muchos atacantes con equipos inferiores no tenían herramientas siquiera para enfrentarse.

I disagree. The synergies with telluria were too over powered. Too many attackers with lower teams lacked tools to face them.

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Sorry my bad what language was it.

It was spanish, but like in most languages there are a lot of expressions that make no sense if literally translated.

For example: Vela is the spanish word for Candle. For boat sails. Even “Velar” is used to watch for a patient or in the burials.

Yeah I went Portuguese on translation. Spain and Brazil are similar to it. To me anyway iv got brazil mates who say its diffrent, but to someone who kinda gets a few words here. Haha prob offended majority of them player bases. But thanks for right translation.

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