HA10 costume draw active?

Considering the high amount of support for adding 4 Atlantis / event etc. Heroes to hero academy, could this be on the table?*

In the Q&A they mentioning that they are added

But it is not mentioned in the release notes…

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“Added a Bonus Draw to receive Legendary Costumes from Hero Academy if the retrained Hero has a Costume”

I need to use a Hero with costume to get another one with costume? If I use a Legendary without costume, can I receive one Legendary with costume as bĂ´nus?

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As in, there is a chance to get the costume if a costume exists for the hero. You don’t need to put in a costume.


Thank you! That was a good read. I hope I’m wrong.

Is this now or after the forced Update?
I would like to know if the training we start now will have chance for costumes?

@KiraSG @Petri :blush:

It will be enabled after forcing, we will update the announcement Version 39 Release Notes & Status once we have forced the update. :slight_smile:

Edit: My apologies, we have actually already forced the update today at 07:30 UTC. We’ll update the announcement now!



How about aethers added to raid tournament and war chest loot?

I still do not see them in loot simulation for the tournament even though the update is forced. Are they possible to get now or not yet?

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OK, now today I already opened my retraining, and see screenshot like this.

Rana, Yunan and Roc is also written in desc now.

Notes: I use iOS, and maybe it is already live force update.


Already striking gold on the first pull from HA10 since update (saw your update in the reporting thread), although I am also a bit disappointed that other older seasonal did not make the cut (e.g. Lepus, Victor, Santa, MN), despite not having costumes (yet), I think they should have made the cut.

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congrats! Who did you pull?

No, that was me responding to @jinbatsu for him providing the expanded tool tip that included that costume verbiage and inclusion of Yunan, Rana, and Roc as possible retrain results. He pulled a Quintus with costume with his first HA10 retrain since v39 update, whose costume was new to him.

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I got him and irony is he is my 1st maxed costume long way back… Lol recently got him


In the section that says, “applies only go there exists a costume for the received hero” does it mean that it is received by the academy?

@Guvnor @Petri

because in the Spanish translation it is understood as the hero that the player receives, if you could help me to guide the Spanish-speaking players

Look at the post immediately before yours.
You put in any hero.
Whatever HA gives you back has the chance for costume.

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This. You would get costume for the hero that comes out, no other one.

With the caveat that the hero you get has a costume option. You’re not getting Khiona’s costume for example because there isn’t one.

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Thank you very much for your answers, I will pass the information on to my friends, thank you very much

I was very close pulled marjana but not her costume

5% chance to draw the costume. 5%. After all the resources and time to retrain.

Come on, how about you throw us a bone and give us a choice of hero or costume if we ALREADY OWN THE HERO. It’s already hard enough to even GET a 5*, a royal PITA to wait 7 days for the incubation, and like pulling hen’s teeth to get a costume for a specific hero we already own.

(I know, here come the “sour grapes” replies. Spare me, all of you with nothing otherwise to say)

I was fortunately unfortunate to pull c joon 3 times… That i already maxed him…Sadly satisfying

I got his repeated 3copis from retraining…Sucks

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