Ha! That's what you get for messing with a fighter!

You know that Boldtusk that just keeps reviving turn, after turn, after turn? Well, here he is! Cobalt was the last man standing across the battlefield, killed Boldtusk four times, until three red tiles ended the battle. Quite an adrenaline rush!


Bragging thread Ian? Been here long enough :wink:
Congrats though kicking ■■■ in raids.

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Just goes to show that the Frigg/Odin/Ninjas set-ups are not invincible. Excellent work!


Far from invincible, still, though as nails!


Which makes it even more satisfying.

I have seen up to 7 revives from boldtusk as elm as an alliance mate . Pretty awesome 4* hero. I have him emblemed . He was my first hero I was exited to get . Nice story and win

I had Lady Loki do that once. Great fun!

Once i faced Magni, revived 7 times in a row. But finally RIP. It’s annoying if it repeats

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Ooo my alliance member :smiley: I will send her news what defeated her top defense… a BOLDTUSK! :joy:


Please, do, so she might impove her line :grin::grin::grin:. Not exactly sure if there’s room for improvement though… Until S4 arrives, at least…

And that is why I have been telling myself that fighter emblems are best invested on healers. I have been wanting Delilah for the longest time. Regrettably, only her and Boldie are fighter-healers.

Oh, Lady is a fighter? Mine seems not to know that? She’s always the first to leave the battlefield :smile:

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Glad that I still see some names I can still recognize after 1 year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Good to see you around @AirHawk

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Welcome back @AirHawk…its been a very long while…

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Yes. Exactly 1 year. :yum:

Boldtusk is awesome, especially if he revives several times. Love him. Still mine first healer and tank.

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