HA sync bug

MINOR. Display mostly… But if I am in the HA with 200 recruits and tons of iron, it correctly shows I can train 2 2* troops OR one 3* troop. However if I train one of the 2* troops, it fails to refresh and still shows I can train one 3* troop … LIES! Several variations on this theme, but basically it just fails to recalculate or redisplay when you initiate something.

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Artificial Intelligence is lying? Program code is lying? In E&P, tell us something new.

HA4 requires 100 recruits. HA6 requires 150 recruits. If you train a single troop from each, that would total to 250 recruits required. If the game allows you to train a single troop at HA4 and another one at HA6, you should be happy since you only have 200 recruits. Wouldn’t you?

Caveat though. You may get banned for exploiting a glitch in the system. Good thing you were able to post it here. Your culpability is excused. :sweat_smile:

Nota Bene: I don’t know the exact number of recruits required from HA4. Checked the main HA thread and the info graphics tells me it’s 100.

Hold on… This game knows exactly 0 about AI

The game does NOT allow me to train the 150, after I already used the 100. It just says that I can, until I try to do it. Then it remembers the required troops are not there. I never mentioned AI … AI is trumped by RS (Real Stupidity) 9 times out of 10.

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