H.A. Placement

Build it.
Don’t build it.

I’m currently in the latter group, with bigger fish to fry

If the day ever comes,
that I want to help my troops along:

Why can this space not be utilized?
And certainly, it would not be a waste even now.
Since those in the first group could use it to restore whichever building they lost.

I don’t see any of the male villagers
having picnics there. So… can we use it instead?

That space is reserved for topless sunbathing and swimming. The villagers need a break sometimes from all that walking around your base!


Since the PoV that area is generally crammed with dead ducks :duck:


Or they could just add another 4 plots of land so people won’t have the ridiculous dilemma of choosing which buildings to convert.

I have have everything but HA.
And only need 1 plot / decision

Which is why I decided I don’t need HA :laughing:

I agree that making a decision to lose/trade a building isn’t a positive addition.
And appears unnecessary if we lose the…
Dead duck storage or whatever

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Also for the boat to take them out to fight battles how else do they leave to fight in some places. Sure there is the other exit but that can’t leave to every place.
Also Its a nice spot for a bbq

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If I ever manage to shoot the goblin balloon down from the sky, it will crash here. :upside_down_face:

That boat has a long fall!
My troops use these:

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The boat goes out the back of castle if you go left it heads to teltoc :wink:

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Did you guys ditch something for the HA?

I’m considering juggling a TC… but have so much leveling to do. And so many emblems to move.
That I can’t justify making one

The space is reserved for an SGG monument …

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