GY6 is recruiting

This is a military/1st responders alliance. We have 2 alliances. Got your 6 is for laid back playing. GY6 is the more serious group. Looking for hard chargers who want to compete. There is no trophies or level requirement. Tell us about your service when requesting to join. There’s a lot of knowledge in both alliances. Straight jackets and a padded room provided if you require it :tongue:

Hiya, just some suggestions around your recruitment post.

Probably worth including the following information for your two alliance:

  1. What Titans you’re hitting
  2. War expectations
  3. War strategy or not?
  4. External Communications Needed? (Line, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc…)
  5. How many player’s you’re looking for
  6. Trophy Requirements?
  7. Team Power Requirements?
  8. Name of the second alliance :wink:
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It’s on a need to know basis. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Consider it an ad bump :grin:

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