Guys I need serious help to choose defence team

Hi guys, I dont know which hero is better for defence team, right know I use 3 healers , C Rigard, Gullin, Zulag, Malosi and Sonya
But I got Brynhild today and I though she can be so good with Zulag
I really dont know what is best team so please help me for first short time now then long term when I level up other hero.
Thanks alot.
I should add I have all kind troops leveled up.

If you’re wanting something more damaging you can try:

Sonya - Malosi - Zulag - Gullinbursti - Zocc

If Li Xiu was finished with some emblems / Chao got some emblems he could replace Gullinbursti potentially

C.Rigard - Scarlett - Zocc - Sonya - Gillinubursti

If Brynhild fire twice when not finished first 3 turns, does special skill add? I mean mana generation reach to 48 %?

No. Buffs that are the same simply replace the pre-existing one.

Thanks, why you choose those team as defence?

I’m not about to give you advice on building a defense line. Instead, I’ll give you some friendly heads-up that might help you move forward in the game. Don’t overthink your defense team. It’s far less important than you think. Anyway at this point, your defensive options are limited, you’ll be unable to mount a defensive line that really makes a difference. Instead, focus on attack. Attack is the cornerstone of this game, defense if just… dead in the wather. Remember, there is absolutely no defense line, no matter how strong, that an experienced player with an average hero roster will not obliterate on a decent board.


I would not put Gulli in the wing on def. The golden pig needs to charge do flank would be my choice


I actually have him on left wing on my defense team, atm.
Seems to be working, even with a GTV core :slight_smile:

You right thanks alot

This :point_up_2:
One trap that can cause set backs later, is having too many defensive type heroes.
When you need 6 strong offensive teams for war.

Your defense will not change drastically unless they release another super creep and break the game balance again.

So develop the heroes you enjoy raiding with and attacking titans. That’s the game experience. Not defense. You don’t get to see the enemies have good or bad luck, regardless of who you put in the lineup.

If you are looking for a goal to work on, I’d suggest this setup:

(if you want multiple healers)
C-Melendor - C-Elena - Zulag - Richard - Malosi

You could also go more attack
Zocc -C-Elena - Zulag - Richard - Malosi
Malosi - C-Elena - Zulag - Richard - Lianna

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