Guys I am gonna change my phone, does Google account is enough to have my E&P account on new phone?

I am gonna change my phone and both are sumsong, my e&p account is logined with gmail and if I transfer data with Smart switch app does not happen any problem with my account?

I changed phones back at Christmas. Both were Motorola phones running Android, so should be comparable to going Samsung-to-Samsung. I was very pleased to note that my new phone signed into Google Games, and I had a completely seamless transition. I have heard others say they had to replay the tutorial before the account picked up. Iā€™d certainly save your account number somewhere and try not to wipe the old phone if possible until the new one is up and going. Good luck.

You should have no problem, it work when i changed mine a few months back, i suggest having the google play account and facebook logged in, just in case.

Does your account number changed?

Does your account number changed? Mine happen

Your account number will change on the new Phone. The game is linked to your google account.

Once you have logged into your old google on your new phone, E&P will pick up your profile and you can continue as normal

Thanks my account is ok just my account number changed

That is normal. If you deleted it and re-install it, it will change again. Dont worry about it.

Its linked to Google so you are fine :wink:

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