Guys help me please, Game freezing Android

I have had a problem for almost a month when I want to play the screen freezes and could not do anything and no key works for maybe 30 seconds then it fixed.
Before it happens maybe 2 times per day but today when I install new update it happens each time I want to play and new thing is it happens when I start game during connecting too.
I saw somewhere said bluethoth is the reason I listen to music during playing with headset bluetooth but I think it happens other time too.
Another one said uninstall game and reinstall it, my game is connected to google play account and if I want to do it not loss data?
Please help me fix this it has been so annoying today

I never had this problem until this week, but a few days ago, I had to use a button combination to reset my Android phone; soft buttons on the screen wouldn’t work, and the power button alone didn’t either. Had to do volume up + power for ten seconds to reset. Second time, the game eventually crashed out and let me use my phone normally, but while locked, I couldn’t get my soft keys (home, back, etc.) to work on screen. Wondering if there’s an issue here.

@Guvnor , @littleKAF , @JonahTheBard, @zephyr1 whoever’s around… maybe move to bugs and issues category?

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