Guys does the odds of troops and tc decrease recently?

I have been playing for year first months I just bought so high offers not all maybe 20 or 30 percent of offers but I got great troops then and good heros and when I reach tc level 20 I had 5* Hero just after while not much but during last 3 or 4 months I increase my summons I have bought all offers on game and also add gems when I bough offers all but the result has been so bad than first months.No 4* troop no even 4* hero from tc level 20 and hero summon results was same. I start buying to develop my team but the result was so disappointed. I thought maybe It was the bad effect of spending money or maybe the odds decrease. Does anyone have same situation?

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I don’t think there’s any chance of getting an answer.


Its so strange this couple month
I just summoned 20 times on troop yesterday
And not any 4 no ninja not others
I just say last one i have been summoning each day and nothing but before when I summon so fewer than now I never pass week without 4* troops

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I did 27 ninja troops pulls and got 1 4s troop that was not a ninja and 26 3s troops. That should tell you enough.

For summons I go through hot and cold streaks. I’ve been doing well with 5s lately after several months of bad luck. I did 50 troop summons and got 5 ninja troops and 5 other 4s troops which is above average. The drop rates are low to begin with so when you are on a cold streak it seems really bad but from my experience the rates are accurate over time.

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Do not summon season 4 heroes until they release all the heroes. Or until all your current heroes are maxed.

You can discuss general summons woe here, I don’t believe any odds have changed.

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