Guys Balbar is actually amazing

So im here to point out balbur is awesome.

So here me out. My titan team is.

So i fire balbur last when a diamond is on the board did around 7k damage. Normaly would have been 3.5 - 4k


No he is not. He is one of the worst ever.


Worst ever?
See Reuben? Stop crying, you’re not the worst one.

I have Balbar unlevelled, because I have so many other projects (still mostly 4*), but I think that Balbar can be very useful. I’m glad that some people found a way to use him efficiently!


He is helping me get high titan hits.

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since balbur skill is different with def down, u could combine them, then fire sniper on last that gives great amount of damage


Tiles did more than Kingston.

Combined with attack up, and defense and elemental defense down, you can do very high damage, including tournaments/wars, and he is even useful in season’s fights, sleeping lateral enemies.

Today It seems that if a hero is not a Taunter, or a mana generator, or a high damager, then is garbage.

Almost every hero has his utilities. There are very few useless heroes, but I think Balbar is not one of them. And even if I said some of the ones that I think are not useful at all, anyone could refute me.


Does he stack with Franz?

I mean Franz essentially makes Balbar obsolete in Titans.

I’ve tried numerous times to get Balbar to work and I just really can’t. Either he sets up a massive overkill sniper hit or a tile wakes them up from sleep.

He’s a poor man’s everything now so I guess if you don’t have the others he has a place but with a couple of key heroes he becomes forgettable very quickly.

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As in you can’t apply Franz first and then balbar? I understand he needs precise timing to pull it off.

Dont have franz but yes that should work.

No reason he wouldnt.

It’s only 1 tile or 1 special though…

I mean just with Franz every tile is +50% damage. Taking Balbar as well just feels like a wasted hero spot to me.

But I do appreciate people trying out different stuff…every roster is different and all that


I have Balbar maxed. He is a niche hero good for big hits and for freezing enemy bosses and freezing healers in raids. When his freeze holds he is amazing. When it immediately fails he is bad. I like him but I don’t love him. He has helped me win battles I shouldn’t have and also cost me battles with his lower health, defense, and solo hits than I wish he had.


How nice, he sounds like fun when everything comes together :slight_smile:


Why do i get the feeling that OP doesnt know about the skill is confined to 1 tile / 1 Spell only


How about a certain percentage for the target to wake up every turn?
1st turn- 0%
2nd turn- 25%
3rd turn- 50%
4th turn- 75%
5th turn onwards- 100%


Does this include skill ? Cause if the target doesnt wake up from 4 other heroes whooping it, it will be OP

If you’re playing against a titan, would you complain about this? Half the time you won’t get the tiles ready to whoop the titan unless you scroll
It’s really not that OP, OP for the first turn because it’s guaranteed 60% damage amp, 110% if you have Franz. But if you casade on turn 2, it’s going to wake the titan up eventually
All right fine, 10% for the first turn