Guy trying to sell me his account

So I’ve got this guy messaging me saying he wants to sell me his account, he’s sent loads of screenshots and I must admit it’s a very nice one… not that I’m interested in buying it but this sounds like a scam to me… He’s asking $500 I’m worried someone else might get done over, what do you guys think?

Please #contact-support directly and provide them the screenshots and all other information you have.

They can and should address this directly.

  1. It’s against Terms and Conditions to sell or transfer an account. If SG finds out, they will shut down the account. I’m sure it happens, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
  2. Even if it was acceptable to sell an account, it would be risky. What guarantee do you have that he won’t change the password after he gets your money?

That’s my point I’m worried someone will get scammed, I’ll send it all off to support


Definitely an issue SG needs to crack down on. I onow 1 guy has bought 3 accounts in the past month. Problem is knowing and proving are 2 different things.

Don’t even think about it! It’s more than likely a scam, and even if it isn’t, you run the risk of an account ban thus losing money AND your shiny new heroes.

I personally have seen screenshots of an account being banned, after the player was accused of trying to sell an alt account………whether they actually did try this or not (I only interacted with them for a short time before this happened), SG does NOT play around with this kind of thing.


I’ve sent it off to SG with all relevant screenshots ECT… see what they can do about it

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I totally agree, don’t buy or sell accounts! But interestingly the terms and conditions are irrelevant as they are superseded by the European Court, which deemed that it is legal to sell game accounts, and if any account is banned for such actions, you could take sg to court and you’d win! I don’t recommend this thou as its an expensive process. You can Google it and it will show you where this has happened… But I repeat I wouldn’t buy or sell an account its incredibly risky and is open to scams

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That’s crazy, if anyone has the balls to take SG to court!

…wut? Since online games have been a thing it has been like this. Like it or not you don’t own your account.

Edit: intended for the guy above me but I’m a luddite and don’t know what I’m doing

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Nope since games have existed its been in their terms and conditions, but the game is licensed , so in each area its available ie Europe, America, Asia etc the law is king, and 1 plucky person challenged a game maker, and won… There by creating the president! Law superseded the terms thereby making their terms unenforceable, ergo its frowned upon but not illegal… Google it and see for yourself

Closing this topic as discussing Terms of Service violations is not allowed on the Forum. As @zephyr1, @MrVIVE please contact support regarding this.


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