🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Will be my last attempt at unplanned free-wheeling the 3-2 war hits… Will have to spend a bit of time actually pre-planning it I thinks…


Do you find the war teams’ pre-planning more beneficial? I’ve never done it before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ideally, yes.

But I don’t plan out which team I’ll use against which specific enemy… It’s more a general planning of “these heroes work well together” to make sure I don’t run out of good synergy by the time I get to Attacks 5&6…

My mono teams are pretty well set & planned out; the only thing that changes is teams 5&6 who gets the call-up; which depends largely on what the options available are… If it’s a cleanup rather than another OSA, I’ll usually drop back to 3-2 set-up with the left-over heroes (usually Yellow/Purple and Blue/Green)


Inter-alliance Family War!!

Class Trials from Wednesday & Sunday will be up later today also. Both are Vanilla Challenge Successes!

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Latest War Hits :slight_smile:

I have a backlog of a couple Class Trials to upload which I’ll try getting to now.

Uploaded all the trials vids! Piety, Survival & Decimation

Also uploaded some “rare quest” gameplay vids from Puzzle Combat, running thru final stage of Defence Alert 1 & 2.

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Weekend War hits all uploaded.

  • Had a bunch hit & miss boards in EP… Bad first attack, brilliant clean-up board… :man_shrugging:
  • PC was a mismatch from the outset however we did a lot better than last time we faced Happy Hunting.

Also added Tavern of Legends Gameplay of Stages 9 & 10

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Wee bit delayed but… they’re here haha… Should also have the two Trials videos up from last week/weekend too today… And then this weekends war hits up tomorrow :slight_smile:


Weekend War Hits are up from Empires & Puzzle Combat.

Final War with 7DH for a little bit as my Temporary Position there is finished up :slight_smile:


Wow its been a while!

Got a fair bit of content that I’ll be uploading in arrears (mainly war hits tbh) over the course of today!

BUT the latest War Hits (20 September 2020) for both EP & PC are uploaded now!

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Been another long while between postings…

Hope to upload a batch of war hits today or tomorrow.

But in the meantime, enjoy D5 of the current raid tournament (5* Rush Attack, No Holy).


Long while since I updated this thread :slight_smile:

Have been uploading still to the chanel just not updated this thread.

Anyways, just added the last week’s worth of Alliance War Videos!

Also did up my first edition of what I hope to eventually turn into something of a comprehensive Guide to Puzzle Combat:


Hey All, I have now closed this Youtube Channel down (in the OP).

This is my New Channel:

I have moved a chunk of my older content over to the new channel & will be uploading all my new stuff there.

The focus of the channel will primarily be on Puzzle Combat (which is where I spend most of my mobile game time now) but there may be the odd Empires & Puzzles related video there also.

Feel free if you subscribed to my original channel to swing me a new subscribe there. I don’t think I’ll be making / maintaining a new “Guvs YouTube Channel” thread here on the forum.

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