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Guvs YouTube Channel/ Videos

May delete this yet… Depends how active I become in posting content


War Hits

Older videos:

2019 War Hits (Baby Guv lol)

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Guvs Guides

No intent to make a beginner’s guide or anything like that… There are other players who have done that & do it much better than I would.

No this is more just to showcase stuff that is either not widely known or will be easier to explain as a video than by posting words

Equiping &/or Unequipping Hero Costumes

Forum Thread: Costume Guide! Changing/ Equipping/ Unequipping/ Toggling Hero Costumes

Destroying Excess Recruits / Retrieving “locked” food from Training Camps

Forum Thread: Guvs Guide! - Destroying Recruits to Retrieve Food!

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Titan Hits

Older 2019 Content

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PvP Raids/ Tournament Fights

Player vs. Player raids & tournament fights… Some randoms, some targetted etc…

Random Raids:


Targetted Raids:

Petty Revenges

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Class Trials

Most Recent/ Featured:

Older Class Trial Completion Videos

Trials of Strength - Barbarian & Fighter
Trials of Fortitude - Cleric & Druid
Trials of Mysticism - Sorcerer & Wizard
Trials of Serenity - Paladin & Ranger
Trials of Survival - Barbarian & Rogue
Trials of Piety - Cleric & Monk
Trials of Decimation - Fighter & Wizard
Trials of Nature - Druid & Ranger
Trials of Shadows - Rogue & Sorcerer
Trials of Justice - Monk & Paladin

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These will be rather few and far between as I have cut my EP spending considerably… But I have some older videos in stock

[WARNING] A Summons Experience - Chasing Guardian Panther - A Warning for Chasing Heroes

Suspicious Summons

Random Silver then Summon:

2019 Sand Empire Summons

-> No Voice Over Version: https://youtu.be/UN-18YItIX8

May 2019 Atlantis Summons - Hunting Gravemaker

September 2019 Atlantis Summons

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Tavern of Legends, Costume Quest etc…

Other Quest Gameplay / Completion. Including Tavern of Legends and the Costume Quest

Tavern of Legends

Costume Quests

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Other Videos

Any other vids which don’t fit into the above categories lol

Hero Testing


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Puzzle Combat Vids

Yeah I know it’s not E&P but until there’s a real forum…
Also of interest is probably this thread: Puzzle Combat Resources

Next Comment down will house my Puzzle Combat Guide videos :slight_smile:

Alliance War Hits


Quests / GamePlay

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Puzzle Combat Guides

Episode 1 - War Machines: Basics & How to Get GOOD!!

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Little late but enjoy! Got some vids of this weeks tournament too which I’ll hopefully get up by Saturday

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Hope to have some gameplay of the last Raid.Tournament showing some “how to” in beating teams which are wayyyy stronger simply by taking advantage of the Tournament Rules.


Managed to get the video up pretty quick!

Will possibly link this video out onto its own thread as it shows that you can win Raid Tournament Fights by simply making use of the Tournament Rules to bring down much much stronger defence teams!!

Enjoy; it’s a bit longer than most other videos haha


good stuff, Guv! keep em coming!


Weekend War Hits are up :slight_smile: enjoy!


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