Guvs Guide! - Destroying Recruits to Retrieve Food! Updated with Destroy Food, Iron and 1* / 2* heroes

I’m a long long way from destroying anything :joy: I will regularly farm 5-6k recruits in Atlantis. I use up pretty much all of them in 2-3 weeks in TC 2. One time I managed to run a TC2 from one Atlantis to another but mostly I run out in about 2 weeks if I don’t include daily backpack farming. I won’t say I’m hurting on recruits or ham … I’m sitting on about 8000 recruits at the moment and probably 11-12m food between my TC11 and 20. But it would run out really fast if I ran Tc 19 or started focusing on troops. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Reroll= 2,500 food destroyed
Conversion = 552,000 food destroyed


220.8 ratio of destruction.

Conversion = requires a free builder
Reroll = does not require anything…

or over 9000 ratio of requirements… :laughing: :joy:

The whole idea is to store ham

I get that. My point was that you are wasting your ham by storing too many recruits. That’s not ham you can pull out and use efficiently the same way you would from a TC12 or TC20, etc… So instead of storing recruits endlessly, stop using that ham to store them and make use of it by crafting items, leveling troops or heroes or better yet actually do store it in those other TCs. We don’t need so many recruits since we reuse them by pulling and storing ham.

However, Guv gave excellent examples on how to handle recruits…

If you’re at the point of seriously considering this then having a free builder isn’t the limitation.

Destroying 1* / 2* heroes

Destroying 100%

Sort of

If you spend food

Feed 1* 1.1 Hero A any 2* 1.1 Hero B
Feed Hero A to another 1* 1.1 hero C
Hero C is now Hero A

Repeat until all 2* 1.1 gone

Repeat using remaining 1* 1.1 heroes until all gone

Level Petri, er, Derric 1* 1.1 with Layla 2* 1.1
Level Aife 1* 1.1 with this copy of Derric

Edit, When destroying 100% Hero XP, it costs 1 k food per 1* / 2* hero.

Other methods listed below will preserve 10% ( Destroy 90% ), or 5% ( Destroy 95% ), of Hero XP, but cost more food


Click for photos

Got curious, ran it a few time

No video uploads, see above screenshots

Edit, Faster is

Level a 1* 1.1 hero with 10x 1* / 2* heroes

Repeat until only 1 x 1* 1.1, and A x 1*
1.10 heroes are left

Level the last 1* 1.1 hero with the 1*
1.10 heroes


This works because 1* 1.1 heroes have the lowest food cost to level

Destroying 90%

Feed 1* 1.1 Hero Z with 1* heroes until maximum
You now have a Pseudo 1* Trainer hero
Create Pseudo 1* Trainers until 1* 1.1 are gone

Level Derric 1* 1.1 with 1* 1.1 until maximum level
Repeat with other 1* heroes until 1* 1.1 are gone

Feed 2* 1.1 Hero Y with 2* heroes until maximum
You now have a Pseudo 2* Trainer hero
Create Pseudo 2* Trainers until 2* 1.1 are gone

Level Layla 2* 1.1 with 2* 1.1 until maximum level
Repeat with other 2* heroes until 2* 1.1 are gone

Destroying 95%

Feed 1* 1.1 Hero Alpha with 1*, and 2*, heroes until maximum
You now have a Pseudo 1* Trainer hero
Create Pseudo 1* Trainers until 1* 1.1, and 2* 1.1, are gone

Level Derric 1* 1.1 with 1* 1.1, and 2* 1.1, until maximum level
Repeat with other 1* heroes until 1* 1.1, and 2* 1.1, are gone


Vote to change remove the problem in the future

([Suggestion,QoL] Change 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 heroes into 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes, zero roster space for trainer heroes and EHT on level up or update Camps, and Level up, for all/new players [Catch up mechanic])


I came across this thread somehow, and read it, and it seems like the most counter intuitive thing I’ve read out here. I am confused on why I’d want to consider doing this - probably because I am not in the situation where it helps.

I’m not new, and I’m generally not clueless, so it must be my situation as a F2P who still has S1 5* heroes I don’t have and room for 260 heroes, with 1.5 years of TC 20 queued up and about 70 TC 20 heroes awaiting collection.

I suspect it doesn’t apply to me, but it’s so odd, I have to ask.

Because. Humans.

It is the conundrum of live service games

They add useless grinds ( looking at you color training, and advanced color training, in camps )

Players become bored of useless grind so they band together and figure out optimum strategy ( looking at you Uncommon training, and Extra low cost training, in camps )

But the game is balanced for players without access to the optimum strategy ( looking at you Level 30 4* troops for rainbow teams in a mono team game meta )

Now players following the optimum strategy have a glut of resources ( looking at you 14* titans and non farmable 3* ascension items )

Players with a glut of useless resources now need ways to get rid of them so they can enjoy new features ( looking at you Legendary training, and Soul Exchange )

So far I have deliberately destroyed food, recruits, iron, and 1* / 2* heroes

Have not figured out a reasonable way to destroy 1* / 2* troops, but luckily each account can have nearly infinite 1* / 2* troops ( I will let you know if I ever reach it, currently semi retired so only 520+ troops )

Edit, Destroy 1* / 2* troops same as destroy 1*
/ 2* heroes but it is 5 k food per destroyed troop. So if I ever reach maximum troops, I have that option



I have > 1000 days in tc11 and another 200 in HA2. If I could instantly destroy say 500 days of training, I’d have a nice increase in food.

It’s not the quickest activity though. First I should probably stay at max recruits so I don’t collect new ones.


Thanks for the answers. Normally I can figure out why people would be doing some things, but that just seemed foreign to me.

I’m just sitting in my alliance dealing with 6-8* titans, and am content, so I figured it was something that didn’t apply.

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