Guvnor what happened?

Why was my post moved about the invites? I posted in the bugs and issues section and then you closed it and locked it. Never have been able to find the support section you speak of. I thought that’s what bugs and issues was.

There have been many posts about invite and they are merged to one thread because they are duplicate threads.

Isn’t this what you are looking for?


I suspect he was referring to the support tab in the Options menu in the game itself. You can’t get customer support from Small Giant through this user forum.


Support ticket?


Or that. =-]


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@Valiks The moderators are trying to do their job (purely voluntary and without pay or any incentive insidee or outside the game) in organizing the community forum. One of which is to minimize, if not eliminate, cluttering of multiple threads with similar topic. Please understand that they do this not for showing off but to the service of forum users like us.


I was told to put it in support and I can’t find it any where. I totally understand their job and they do it for free. But with it closed and locked how will I get a response from anyone?

Ty I got the answer I was looking for. They are going to try and fix it in the next update for everyone


That’s great that the issue has been resolved. Btw forum users and mods are players of E&P just like you.

I’ve flagged a friendly moderator to close your thread now that you have an answer?


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