Gutian Empire (1 of 5 in Gutian Family) seeking upto 11

The Gutian family, founded by Athena (you may know her from global), currently runs 5 separate and progressing alliances ranging from a vacation alliance for free parking, when members go away for irl affairs, all the way up to competitive, which has ranked as high as top 400 globally. Our 4 active alliances accommodate different power levels and bench depths to allow for smooth play in the titan and war difficulties best suited for your current progress. We have several separate Line chats for community chat, game questions (human), and game info (charts, lists, etc). Athena and our leaders have purposely and proudly designed and redesigned our family of alliances, as needed, for a sense of belonging, learning, fun, and as little stress as possible. To date we have several countries and time zones in each alliance so no matter where you live, someone is almost always around.

EMPIRE is looking to take in upto 11 new members to replace inactive dead weight. Benefit from community, veteran players, stash of game info and info bot, and 3 joint line chats with all our members.

Whether you’re brand new and looking to learn, aren’t very advanced but have a goal, are pretty advanced but still working on depth, or are very advanced and looking for a real family to be part of, search Gutian in game (all 5 are ours) and apply to the one with the description that suits you best. We can’t wait to meet you!

(Dynasty, Empire, Rises, Academy, and Invasion (for vacation non-active times))

9 spots remaining. Still accepting members

2 spots remaining. Line me @ veraciousgamer or search in game for gutian and select gutian empire.

2 years old and going strong. Many long time dedicated loyal members.

Play together, grow together.

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