Gullinbursti's unnecessary fix and other old issues

Gullin’s fix was really not needed because his card didn’t not break any rules and it was not a bug, just a really powerful feature for his skills. Why touch him now?

And yes I understood he used to not be able to proc his old AOE but was ‘patched’ to be able to proc it when the old effect ends. But then why change it back now?

My speculation…
Although I have not played tourneys for a long time and will not play tourneys anymore, I’m wondering if this ‘fix’ was due to rush tournies. That effect does make him quite OP especially in rush. But why punish a hero over one format? If they want to fix the format because of some heroes that break it, they gotta do it to all heroes that ‘break’ the format. Yes, this includes alfrike.

And if they’re fixing old ‘bugs’, um when are they fixing cobalt bypassing mitsuko’s blue shield? That is long overdue to be fixed.


They reverted back to how he was first introduced. I hypothesize that’s what they wanted, somewhere along the way they broke it somehow, and wanted to revert back.

It’s all speculation. If they didn’t fix it, we see posts about it. If they do fix it we see posts about it.


Still upset huh ?

Look at the timeline. That bug made piggie owners so very happy for quite awhile. SGG could have fixed it ASAP but they didn’t do so. For quite awhile. This was before Slayers were released in August, and now we have ToM soon.

We have also had Yellow Mirage quest in August. I am sure that many piggie owners LB their piggies, converting piggie to a pseudo 5*, when he’s only a 4*, grade A.

And now in September, we have Xnolphod… his 20% mana boost is splendid, and will enable Piggie to activate more.

A 5* requires 1500 emblems for 20 nodes. A 4* requires about 1/3 of that. Piggie, with LB, would become a more affordable option: get a 5* for less.

I am not saying that it’s a conspiracy. It is suggestive, circumstantial. The timing is just too pat, for me.

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Gullin is already great even before they accidentally turned it into firing the damage after recasting the skill. Now they fix it back to the state that it should be which is not firing the damage after recasting the skill. As Gullin was already great in the original state, Gullin is also great post-fix. Imo, the unfixed state was OP.

The patch (v.39) never said anything about changing Gullin’s skill, the change was never announced. There was a thread asking clarification, and SG answered that it was unintended bug. They did promise to fix it in this update:

The card said: when the effect end.

Recasting the skill do not end the effect, it extend it. So normal intepretation of the card description is recasting do not trigger the damage.

A little reminder:

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When was that patch? My point from that is why now after this many months. It felt so random as well

I don’t think recasting extends any buff durations. You don’t just stack buff durations like that. If you fire attack up before the old one ends, it does not just stack it’s duration. It replaces the old one and the old attack up effect ends

Reread my post, I just updated it with detailed informations.

Recasting never end the duration. It put it back to its original duration. As it is not ended, it should not be triggered.

Anyway, here is the timeline:

V.39: Gullin start to firing after the skill is recast (no change announced). A thread opened, asking for clarification whether this is unannounced buff or unintended bug.

V.40: After anothe update had been released, SG finally notice the thread and clarify that it was a bug and promise to fix it in V.41.

V.41: SG fix the bug.

Lol. I wrote that back when I didn’t think about it well. It’s no longer a bug in my eyes, but a really smart feature

It is like a bomb that will explode when the ammount of water inside leaky water tank reach zero. Adding water to the tank untill it reach maximum level will not trigger it, it will prolong it.