Gullinbursti's delayed attack unaffected by taunt

I raided a team with Gullinbursti on it. I used normal Krampus for the taunt but the delayed attack still hit my whole team.

It is working as expected

Taunt protects against attack with Special Skills only.

So it does not protects against any of these:

  • Delayed attacks
  • Passtive abilities (eg: Magic hero passive related attacks)
  • Minion attacks
  • Attack by Fiends
  • Reflected damage

Gullinbursti has so weak base stats and only boosts 400 health (less than 30% in most cases) and people find themselves surprised he does unpreventable ~300dmg to all with delay…sad

It’s not about surprise, its about “unpreventable”

If you kill him before the effect ends, it’s preventable

You’re chasing your own tail

This doesn’t sound like a solution to me though… The text says “prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies.” I would consider delayed attacks and Magic hero specials as using a special skill on my heroes. New fiends (as opposed to fiends already on a hero) would also be using a special skill on me hero.

Not a helpful comment. I’m pointing out what I believe is a bug. Nothing wrong with that.

Gulli is not using special on krampus allies. He is using his special on his team and himself. He “fills himself with rage” for 3 turns and then he releases that anger in a burst of unpreventable damage

Man that sounds fishy.

'Bursti’s “delayed attack” is clearly in his “Special Skill” section on his card.

Taunt says “prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies”.

Where is the disclaimer that exempts delayed Special Skills?

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But that is how it is working.
Other delayed attacks for example: Carol’s bomb or the upcoming Season 5 heroes exploding Fiends are ingoring Taunt too when they deal damage.

Also Rayne’s poision ailment is ignoring Taunt too as it can spread with active Taunt too to any nearby heroes.

This behaviour is confirmed by @Petri here:

Gullinbursti’s (and An-Windr’s) damage is status effect/ ailment damage caused by a buff cast on himself rather than an ailment on enemies. this is why it bypasses Taunt.

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