Gullinbursti still hits all after being dispelled?

I fought against a gullinbursti in a tournament raid today and he had his special up. Previously, i could dispel his special and it wouldnt hit my heroes. But now, when i dispel his special, he still hits all of my guys. Was this change intentional? Or is this a bug?

It work as intent because the description say “When the effect ends…”. Dispell simply force this effect to end.


I dont think “ending” is the same as being disrupted or dispelled. Ending means it goes through the entire length of its duration, from start to finish. Dispelling it doesnt end it, it removes it entirely.

It’s not the same, but yet it’s kinda the same. Whether the three turns or up or the attack buff is dispelled, the effect is ended and the damage is delivered. I often run a raid team with two pigs at +20 and I’m very grateful the damage portion of the special isn’t eliminated when a debuffer hits one or both of them. One of the many reasons these pigs rule.

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“disrupted” and “dispelled” sometime mean “ending”. BUT IN THIS GAME, “dispelled” mean “ending”. When the buff are dispelled, that buff end.

Edit : I’m not sure if Lady Loki skill and The Hatter skill are actually “ending” or “dispelled” the original buff or debuff and then apply that buff or debuff again or not.

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I have also observed this whenever I bring a dispeller against Gullinbursti. I used C. Melendor to dispel one I faced in the current weekly tournament, and the angry boar still dealt damage to my heroes.

A great offensive healer. Excited to finish leveling mine, whom I just got from the recent Valhalla portal :boar:

Agreed. Gullinbursti is a great hero. I maxed one already and will work on my second one after Mist.

Will the war equaliser rule set off his attack damage?

Yes, absolutely.
The twenty characters

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