Gullinbursti second effect

Gullinbursti’s second special effect, that “When the effect ends, the caster deals 164% damage on all enemies. Each hit on the caster or their allies during the duration increases the damage by 10% to maximum of 288% damage.” could use more of a visual effect. I all of a sudden find an entire team depleted of health, and it takes me a while to figure out why, before I realize it’s Gullinbursti’s effect. Not only would it be useful to the players, but such a devastating effect has the opportunity for a really fancy visual. Right now, it just happens, and there’s nothing to indicate it was Gullinbursti who did it. He’s disappointed in the lack of flash. Give the battlepig some flash.

I’d also like this. When I’m attacking against Gullinbursti, this’d help me see what’s going on. It would also be helpful to see a timer above Gullinbursti’s head so we can see when he’s going to go off without holding a thumb down on him. With an impact of such magnitude, this would not seem out of place for me.


In fact, there’s a visual effect. A golden sword with the amount of damage comes out when Gullinbursti’s special finishes.


The only golden sword I remember seeing is the tiny icon under him that says there’s an effect active on him. Is this what you’re referring to, or is there more? If there is more, why don’t I remember it? I’d like something flashier. Something I’ll actually notice

Yeah, but when the effect finishes, the golden sword is applied to all enemies with the damage.

I agree that the golden sword is a “poor” animation for such devastating effect. The first time I had to face Gullin I didn’t understand why the heal of my heroes suddenly decreased.

First visual effect when he’s charging:

Second visual effect when the special finishes:


Its just similar to mana cut effect of freya/bera they dont have any special graphics for that… Its just process on cards that we need to figure out

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